Thursday, June 26, 2003

Having a pretty boring time - it's just too damn hot to go outside. The furthest I have got is the Italian along the street which has fantastic fresh bread. I need to go to the opticians, and the dentist, but I just can't bear the heat. I am too much an English rose - anything above 80 degrees is hot, so this heat and humidity making it feel like 105 is just killing me.

Very mundane things going on - my washing machine broke - it's at times like these I realise just how much underwear I actually have! Landlords are getting on my tits - I called them on Monday to ask if I could use the washing machine in the empty apartment next door - today is Thursday and they still haven't said yes - apparently the man in charge is out of town and not calling in when he should be - how convenient! Sears are coming tomorrow, anytime between 7.30 and 12 noon. Great, I just love getting up early. Hopefully he fixes it tomorrow, and doesn't have to come back - in this weather, no washing machine can get stinky!

Tomorrow my friend has the day off work, so we are going to go out and play. Involving a nice lunch, and possibly a lunch time trip to gay punk bar to see what their beer garden is like if it doesn't rain. Tomorrow night we will go to our second belly dancing class! Yes, belly dancing. I finally managed to persuade my friend to try it 2 weeks ago, and it was fun. But last week, it was raining, and we went to a bar instead!

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