Sunday, June 29, 2003

I am hung over!! Feeling a little better now the aspirin are starting to kick in, but I felt like shit first thing. My own fault - I didn't have any dinner last night. I had had a late lunch, so wasn't hungry at normal dinner time, and the plan was I would pick up a slice of pizza from the place opposite where my friend lives and I would eat it on the way. Plan was foiled when the place was closed - for some reason it had shut early. So, then the plan became I would by something when we got to the city, between the PATH station and the bar. However, I forgot! I was drinking pissy American beer, so I thought I wouldn;t get too drunk, and also the bar for some reason had Walkers Salt and Vineger crisps, so I had 3 packets of those. However, I am not sure how many beers I actually had - several by the feel of my head this morning.

So, last night. We went to the bar where we go most often - it's almost like a 'local', even though it takes us over an hour to get there. It has a great band of regulars, ranging from Dr Who to Jonas to the 'Stoke Boys' many of whom don't actually come from Stoke! I had an ulterior motive in going last night though - my ex-husband is coming to visit me in 2 weeks, and I know he wants to go to this bar because he has heard me talk about it many times. However, a few weeks ago I came home with one of the 'Stoke Boys' - one who is actually from Stoke. So, I just wanted to give an early warning that I would be turning up with the ex, who I don't really want to know what I have been doing. Not so much to warn the 'Stoke Boy' more to mention it to the barmen who enjoy taking the piss out of all their customers.

Wasn't an especially memorable night. It was unusually quite when we got there, and didn't really pick up until around 12.30, but then had quietened down again by about 2-2.30. The usual 'Stoke Boys' got there late, but we discovered a new 'Stoke Boy' - Fitzs without a Stoke Boy is like fish wthout chips! Also there was an English guy who has tenuous links to Scotland, and so calls himself Scottish and plays the bagpipes - which he had done on New Year's Eve. My friend had a disturbing conversation with him about anal sex on New Year's, and we were having a laugh at him as he tried to chat this woman up. She seemed to be going along with it, but her body language was amazing - she was almost sitting on my friends lap at one point in a bid to move away from him, and he kept moving closer.

THE Stoke Boy turned up too, but it was a bit weird because he was with a couple of women. I spoke to them, and I suspect that one of them was his sister or some relative, as she was a Stoke Girl. They left, and I went to speak to the Stoke Boys for a brief while - it was odd, cos I am not really sure what either of us wants. It was fun, and that is all I am looking for, but it was just one of thos eawkward moments between people who have slept together and ar enot sure if we are going to do it again!!! Anyway, we didn't last night (good job given my bloody headache this morning!).

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