Saturday, June 28, 2003

Men and their chat up lines! Do they really think they work????

A couple of months ago, my friend and I were in the local bar half a block from my house, and we were chatting to this Irish guy we had met there before - nice looking guy, and seemed nice to boot. We had a few drinks, and were talking the usual bar bollocks, and he decides to 'confide' in us - he admits to us that he is 'asexual'. My friend completely misunderstands him, thinks he's admitting to some sexual disfunction he has, but i cottoned on straight away. I put on the sympathetic face, asked why he was no longer interested in sex, and he gave us the story of how he had this great girl, was with her for years, but was messing her about. He took her for granted etc., etc., then one day he came home and she had packed her bags and sad she was leaving him because she didn't love him.

Well, next day my friend was still somewhat puzzled as to why he had admitted this, until I pointed out that this was probably his chat up line. He uses the 'I am asexual' as a sort of 'because I haven't met the right woman - are you up for the challenge'. We had a laugh about it, but basically I had forgotten all about it.

Anyway, tonight we were in the bar, and who should come in but Neil! He was sitting a bit along the bar, and we waved to him. He came over for a quick chat, just to sya hi, how are you, and then he went back to his friend. Me and my friend had a little giggle about whether he was still 'asexual' or not. Anyway, as we were leaving, we went up to say goodnight, and he turns round and says, 'Oh bye, hey, lets kiss' and proceeded to kiss both of us. My friend took the words right out of my mouth as we left the bar - 'Asexual my ass!'.

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