Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Gotta love employment agencies! I was supposed to be having a telephone interview with Barclaycard yesterday - an agency had left me a telephone message on Friday while I was at my Chase interview, and had also emailed me. By the time I got back, it was too late to ring them, so I got up at 8 am yesterday in anticipation of an interview. The woman I am dealing with is off on holiday so I had an email from her boss, basically saying there had been some confusion (happens a lot with agencies don't you find?) and they now wanted to talk to me on 7th August. I asked if that was to be via telephone or in person, seeing as I will be in England then, and he said he would get back to me. Heard nothing since.

Anyway, this morning I was in bed and the phone rings, and being the efficient, dynamic person I am I just lay there and let the answer phone get it. It was yet ANOTHER person from this same agency, asking me to ring him regarding a telephone interview with Barclaycard! Seems the woman I have been dealing with is off on holiday, the stand in I have been dealing with is also not in this afternoon, and this bloke knows nothing about the job, nothing about me, but arranged a telephone interview for me tomorrow morning with a different department. God, I hope I get the Chase job!

Tragedy - the Iron Maiden concert is sold out! I was so looking forward to it - Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Dio (no idea who he is) - and a whole bunch of old rockers - all with long hair and tattoos. I would have been in heaven. Maybe I should just go and hang out outside the Garden at the end of the concert and follow some of them into bars......

Another surreal moment yesterday - Tracie contacted me, she is in New Jersey and wondered if I wanted to meet up with her. Now this is a long old story I won't go into here, but basically I shagged her long time boyfriend for 3 weeks. Only he had told me he was single. I knew nothing about her ntil it was over with him. He lied to her quite a lot about what happened, then he treated me like shit, then got upset when she contacted me to ask what had gone on, and I told her the truth! We have spoken on the internet, but not actually met in person. She is single now, he is apparently shagging some other friend of hers (he didn't have much imagination). Anyway, she is coming to NYC but it will be when I am in England, so not sure if we will get together or not. Going to be weird - maybe I could meet her in Fitzies? At least I have friends there if she turns out to be a nutter and hits me for sleeping with her man!

My friend Nancy was meeting her 'summer fling' last night, and jokingly made some comment that I had to check she got in to work ok today. And of course, she isn't there yet. What do I do???????

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