Monday, July 21, 2003

Hangover from hell yesterday! Boy was I drunk on Saturday night. Made a bit of an arse of myself too I think - but who cares eh?

Went to the bar - Roger wasn't there - he is still on holiday. It was pretty quiet when we first got there, with Connor and new man Dennis behind the bar. We decided we like Dennis - who is, by the way, newly single. He was funny, and we told him the story of Chris and his fixation with anal sex (not sure if I have mentioned that yet or not - a tale for another day) and lo and behold, Chris walks in! We have only ever seen him there twice before! Anyway, Dennis loved that. We told him about some of the bad chat up lines we have had used on us, and told him our ideal men. Nancy wants someone with a job, neat looking. I am not that fussy! We laughed and I said I wanted a man with a lot of hair and tattoos, or a bald man. And of course - 2 minutes later in walks a man with long hair and tattoos - but he was with a woman.

The Stoke boys came in rather late - and somewhat manic (no idea what they were on!). Timmy was particularly affectionate - which I found a little strange - he kept giving me big hugs. In some ways it was nice - he is a nice hugger if nothing else! Will gave us both a hug too - very unusual. they spent most of the night talking to us (pleased Nancy no end - NOT!) and Tim got a fixation with my bag and kept opening it and getting all my makeup out. Then he proceeded to put pink eyeshadow all over his face - including his lips! Will got a black eyeliner and drew all over my forehead. I wiped that off, and then tried to get the pencil back. He kept hiding it - basically so I would put my hands in his pockets to try and find them. Then he drew a line across my throat - I gave him some napkins to clean it off, which he did with gusto. I made the comment he was only doing to cop a feel of my tits - he just gave an evil grin and tried again! He was all over me most of the night - yet when I suggested he come home with me, he came up with some shitty excuses! I was not best pleased - as a woman, if I had done that there are several things I would have been called, and none of them nice! I was wearing my zipped top again - Will even undid it at one point - I was not happy with that either!

In the meantime, Nancy was having some fun of her own. Jonas - known affectionately as the Irish Jew, and who, incidentally I have always thought of as a pillock - was buying her lots of drinks, and being generous with the hugs (for her, not for me) and she was also having fun with Dartman Dave. I don't know Dartman - she met him when we went out with her sister (the night I ended up with Will so was busy elsewhere....). Will thought this was hilarious - Nancy was asking which she should choose, and what a dilemma having to choose from the two biggest dorks in the bar!

Nancy is away this weekend coming, and the following weekend we are going out with Leena, a girl I used to sit next to when I was at American Express, so we won't be going back for a while.

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