Sunday, July 27, 2003

Having a nap yesterday afternon, when the phone rings. I leave it for the answer machine as I can't be arsed to get up, and it's Eric inviting me out with him and his friend Jim. Two minutes later and the phone rings again, Eric again, and he shouts 'GET UP', so I suppose I better had and come running into the living room (the phone in the bedroom is a bit dodgy) and he says if I want to go with him I have to be ready at 7 o'clock. I ask what time it is, and he says just gone 6, so I need to wake up fast. Shower and slap on, I meet him at 7 at the end of the street, and off we go. I stop at the bank to get some money (Eric thinks I always carry too much money, but I think $100 for a night out is acceptable - not that I ever spend it all, but it's nice to have in your purse just in case) then he asks if I want to go from Exchange Place. I say I don't mind, it is convenient because it is close but we would have to get a train to Pavonia and change, which is a pain, so he says ok, not Exchange Place. However, I didn't realise he meant walk all the way to Pavonia, rather than Grove Street. And after wearing my high (well, ok, high for me anyway) shoes in the morning and doing a lot of walking in them, by the time we got there my feet were killing me. And of course the train was packed, so I had to stand all the way to 33rd. I wanted to get a taxi, because the place we were going to was miles (to 44th and 10th from 33rd and 6th) but Eric was having none of it! He bullied me into walking all the way - and it was hot and I was sweaty and I whinged all the way and he just laughed at me (pouty face now).

Anyway, got to this German bar, where they sell great beer, in huge litre glasses called 'humpen', and they sell Wurst and name them after German made cars. We met his friend Jim, who also had a friend with him called Maurice - boy he was a geek. We all had a humpen of beer - not sure what I had, I wanted Bitburger to impress my German friend Jens but they didn't have any - and I had a Skoda and Eric had a Mercedes. Very nice beer, and the sausage was nice too, but was not a great deal of food. Then Eric and I ordered another drink - just a stein this time (he is a big puff!) but Jim was driving, and his friend was a geek as already described.

Funniest part of the night was Eric saying his Grandma was from Jamaica, but she was albino and that is why he was white. Maurice fell for it hook line and sinker - funniest quote 'that so sounds like you made it up'. Funny that, because he had. Even when I said that too him, he still believed Eric - we could have gone on for hours but I thought that was a little unfair, so I said it sounded like he made it up because he had. Jim and Maurice left, and Eric and I stayed for a while longer havng a couple more steins.

The walk back didn't seem to hurt my feet so much - if Eric hadn't actually glanced at the street sign at 33rd we'd have just kept on tramping down 10th Avenue. Had just missed a train when we got to the station, and had to wait ages, but at least we got a seat. Eric kept falling asleep - how he gets home on his own I will never know! I made him get a taxi at this end cos my feet really were killing me - I had blisters on the soles of my feet and also the ends of my toes. Very painful!

We went to the supermarket today - Eric moaned when I said I wasn't walking cos my feet still hurt, even though I was wearing my trainers this time, so we met at the light rail station. Did the usual shop - did I mention how much I love Eric, even down to wandering the supermarket ailses with him? - then waited ages for a train back. When it finally got there, it announced there was a fire at Essex Street (great, I thought, my house is on fire) and it was just going straight back to Hoboken until they could run trains down there. So we ended up walking back. In 90 degree heat. And sun. With blisters all over my feet. I was absolutely knackered when I got home. Drank a litre of water within 15 minutes of getting home. Eric carried most of my shopping upstairs, bless him, and he had a coke and spent half an hour surfing the net on my pc. Should have asked him what he was doing tonight, would have been nice to go to the pictures with him. Instead I will stay home, with that nice Aussie white I missed out on last night, lol!

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