Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hooray!!! I am back to being blonde! I went to see Steven today, and for him he was quite staid - no stories of dungeon parties, or him pickin gguys up on the light rail this time. However, he did make me blonde, and spiky, and, as he put it 'normal'. When I said I didn't want to be normal - all the other hairdressers I have been to want to make me normal, with nice colour jobs with highlights to blend in the grey etc etc. They don't seem to understand I don't want a Nice with a capital N hair cut - it just isn't me. I want short, sassy, spiky and BLONDE! Actually, it is a bit orange (Steven says he preferred brassy) but when he tried to put more stuff on it to lighten it my head starte dscreaming, and he had to wash it off quick. He has put a toner on it, so it is now quite a dark blonde, and told me to sit in the sun a bit. Oh well, that I can do.

Other than that, not done anything today. Watched Terminator 2 - I had forgotten what a good entertaining film it was. I just wish they didn;t just blank out all the swear words - either leave them in or cover them with non-swear words like they do in England. Anyway, it's made me want to go watch T3 soon. I am not a big movie watcher, but there are 3 films out now or soon that I really want to go and see - 28 days later, Terminator 3, and Johnny English. I did want to go and see Charlie's Angels 2, but I have heard it's pretty crap.

My friend is doing all right with that bloke - he might be coming to town next week. Good for her! Where as me? I have my ex-husband coming to town next week. That is going to be a riot. Me pretending I have not been sleeping with anyone else, trying not to get mad at him, and maybe even discussing the D word......... Bundle of laughs that is going to be. Maybe I can get him to take me to the pictures.......

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