Thursday, July 31, 2003

It's number is six hundred and sixty six.......

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! What a night! Was due to meet Rich in this bar close to Madison Square Garden, and me, being a cool, sophisticated woman of the world agreed to meet him inside. No problem, I can sit in a bar on my own with a drink. After careful consideration of what to wear (my black jeans are now, well, not black anymore, so I wore my dark blue jeans, and my black t-shirt with red glittery gothic writing on the front saying 'TEASE') off I went.

Walking along the street towards the bar, I spotted my first mullet. About 20 yards in front of me, two blokes, one with long hair, one with a fantastic mullet. Both so obviously going to the Iron Maiden concert. Well, I got to the bar, and went inside. It was packed. Full. Of men. With mullets. And tattoos. And I think every single one of them had a good look at the TEASE across the front of my tshirt. And Rich wasn't there. So this cool, calm, sophisticated woman legged it and waited outside. Let's just say I was somewhat intimidated. However, I think it was better outside - not only could I see the mullets coming in and out of the bar, but I saw all the ones walking along the street not stopping in the bar.

To be fair, not everyone had a mullet. Some of them were bald.

We had several beers in the bar - and Rich and his friends were quite impressed with me. I went to the bar each time - the place was full of blokes, so as a woman I was easy to spot, and the bleached blonde hair is an eye-catcher too. And, as a woman who always goes to the same barman (I think I have been living here too long to know this thing) I got the 4th drink free (would have been the 3rd, but Rich got the first one). God I love New York.

Spent too much time in the bar, and we missed Motorhead, which was a shame. We saw Dio, whoever he is (my sister and brother-in-law know him - in fact have seen him about 20 years ago at some hippy concert or other) who was quite good. Then on came Iron Maiden. God, it was fun. And funny.

Lead singer has short hair - disappointment.
The rest of the band had wonderful long hair - a good thing.
One of the guitarists was twirling his guitar around like a true rock cliche - a good thing.
He didn't trash it against a speaker - disappointment.
They did some great songs, best being Run to the Hills - a good thing.
They did some songs from their 'forthcoming album' (don't they all?) - disappointment.

Oh yeah, and I forgot about this bloke in the bar. He had the most beautiful hair. It was long down to his arse. And very very fluffy. I think he only washes it maybe twice a year. And can't do a thing with it when he does!

My neck is going to kill me tomorrow. It's true you can't headbang properly with short hair. Didn't stop me from doing it though!

Oh yeah - and my interview this morning went really well. They want me to go for an all day jobby when I am back in England. Interviews and tests and case studies. Oh what fun!

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