Saturday, July 05, 2003

Okay, Eric is not a total ratfink! He rang me lunch time yesterday, to say he was seeing his friend who is leaving, but that the plan was he was going to Eric's and they were going to have a BBQ! I told him that I hoped he was calling me to invite me, else he would be in BIG trouble! So, me and Nancy went to Uno's for a couple of beers, and shared pizza skins (they are yummy - and super for a hangover, not that we had one yesterday). Then we wandered over to Eric's and met a whole stack of his other friends. This is actually a big compliment - he likes to keep his sets of friends separate, never mixes them, so for us to be invited was nice.

Anyway, I made them all eat my British sausages - and they all said they liked them. Whether this was the truth or not, I don't know - and who cares, lol? Whatever, they all went - 2lbs of sausages gone in minutes! Oh well, I will just have to go back and buy some more. Had quite a lot of beer to drink too, but didn't actually feel that drunk. Maybe because it was over time, or it was really hot yesterday, who knows. Then we saw the fireworks over in Brooklyn, which were really good.

I finally got to see Eric's apartment - it is actually quite nice (although I know for a fact he had spent 2 hours cleaning it up in preparation for us visiting) if a bit sparse. He has a great view from his balcony though - he is on the 20th floor, and looks straight down the Hudson river. Also, when I pot on my chilli plants his balcony will be a great place to grow them........

My sister is planning to come and see me. Flights are quite expensive in August, so she might be coming in October. It would be good, I think it will be just her and Rich (my brother in law), they will leave their kids at home.

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