Friday, July 04, 2003

Sigh. What to do. I went into NYC yesterday, did a bit of shopping, bought some British sausages, supposedly for a BBQ this afternoon, but that has been quashed (Eric, the ratfink, has blown us out - maybe Sunday?). Anyway, I ended up in my favourite bar. My friend thinks I am an alcoholic because I can sit in a bar and drink on my own - I just think I am now old enough, and secure enough in myself to not care. Anyway, the barman said he could get me a job. Only working in the kitchen, but I am so tempted. I am just bored out of my mind - I haven't seen or spoke to any of my friends since the weekend - it's ok, I don't expect them to baby sit me just because I am home alone, but it does gte a little lonely sometimes. And when I do see them, I don't have all that much to say to them. Anyway, I have been up most of th night - as Kylie would put it I Just Can't Get It Out Of My Head. I am back in the bar next Thursday when the X turns up (unless we go tomorrow, but I doubt it) so I might talk to Roger some more. The money would be handy, but it is more to do with seeing people, and having something to do. And something more interesting to talk about!!

On another note - Will was there in the bar. This is worrying - I didn't think he went on a weekday, that's why I thought it would be safe to meet X there on a Thursday. Oh well, not much I can do about it - I think he is sensible enough not to say anything that would embarrass me.

Shopping is bad! Well, me and shopping together is bad. I was looking for the British shop, and wandering arounf Greenwich Village, no idea where I was and I just happen to wander past The Ink Pad. Of course, I couldn't wander past it - that is not part of my genetic make up. I only bought 4 pots of embossing powder, and they were only $1 each......... I also went to Virgin and spent another $44. Bought The Music, Metallica and Staind. Metallica and Staind have DVD's with them so I suppose it was a bargain of sorts........

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