Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Well, couldn't find it, so it is lost forever in bloggerdom!

Gotta love Sears - the mechanic says he will come any time between 7.30 am and 12 noon - last time he got here at 12.30. Today, he is going to be a similar time - he just called and said he would be an hour. And of course, I have been up and awake since 10 past 7.

Talkin gof getting up, I was having th emost fantastic dream which my larm interrupted. I often have great dreams - that is why I don't watch filsm often - what goes on in my head is much more fun. This dream was a muder mystery type - I have no idea who was murdered, but I was working with the detective. Also in the dream were Peter, Keith and Steven, the X's best friends, all riding these huge tricycles. They were going to the park, and I asked if I could come. Peter and Keith were all for it, but Steven just said 'No' outright. I said I had work to do first, so they said they would help me, and we went off to the room where the detective was. He asked me where Sally was (from Coronation Street - she was one of the suspects) and I said she had gone home, but as this was just 2 doors away, and if he looked through the walls he could see her walking about. And of course, we could. It was getting exciting - we were working towards who had done it, when my bloody alarm clock went off. I knew it was a dream, and was really mad that I wouldn't know the end of it. God I love my dreams!! With a head like this, who needs Hollywood?

Getting more nervous about tomorrow. Trying to take my mind off it, with thinking of all the things I have to do before he comes, like washing the bedclothes (assuming the Sears guy fixes the washing machine) and cleaning the bathroom. And ironing. God, I hate ironing. I actually caught up with my ironing a few weeks ago - for the first time in over a year. But of course, it didn't last long. And then when the washer broke, and I went 3 weeks without doing any washing, I now have 3 weeks worth of clothes piled up to iron. I might do some of that this afternoon - after I have hjad a nap to compensate for the early morning.

I think my alcohol tolerance is getting higher. Last night, I opened a bottle of yummy aussie wine, and we all know an open bottle is an empty bottle. Then I had 2 cans of bud light - and only a small hangover this morning!

Gotta run - Sears guy is here!

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