Friday, July 25, 2003

Well, it never rains but it pours. Or maybe the better analogy is wait half an hour for a bus and 3 come along at once. I sent my CV off to agencies on Wednesday. I then spent a lot of Wednesday and Thursday mornings talking to agencies in England about various jobs they have available, and they were all falling over themselves to represent me - one agency sent my CV to Barclaycard, and another agency was mad that they hadn't got to me first - they obviously think I have a good chance of getting a job and them getting a fat commission! Does wonders for the ego. Then, to cap it all I got a call late Wednesday afternoon from the personnel woman from Chase who I have dealt with before, offering me an interview this morning.

So, off I toddled to downtown Manhattan at 9 am this morning. Walking past the WTC site I bump into my friend Jonathan, who is currently undergoing radiation for a growth he had removed from his neck. We have been talking of meeting up for coffee after one of his radiation sessions, but we haven't managed it yet, and now he is feeling the effects of it. Anyway, it was nice to se ehim, and while we were chatting, along came Mauricio who is the Associate to the VP I used to work for. It was so nice to see him - I was only saying to Nancy that I hadn't seen Moe for ages. He gave me a really big hug, which was so nice.

Got to the interview - first problem was I had no photo id, and they weren't going to let me in. Eventually they did, and I went off with the VP who has 2 jobs. I was there for over 3 hours, and saw 7 people in all, one interview after another (one had 2 people, but the rest were one at a time). They seemed to go ok - some better than others - and now I have to wait and see. But bloody typical after having made the step to look for a job back home.

Other than that nothing new - Nancy is away, so unless I can persuade Eric to take me out (much as I'd love to, he is young and has much trendier friends) I am going to be on my own tonight. Good job I have some good Aussie White to keep me company >:-)

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