Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Well, nothing is going on in my life. How boring! Weather is beautiful - not so hot as it was last year, and I am actually quite enjoying it. I went out for a walk last night it was so nice - just have to make sure I wear lots of insect repellant else my legs swell up like balloons!

Went out at lunch time, booking me a hair appointment for tomorrow, and an eye test for next week. What excitement! Actually, it's going to be fun at the hairdressers. Steven hasn't seen me boring and brown, so I know he will be shocked. I just hope he lives up to my expectations to make me blonde, sexy and exciting. Well, ok, maybe he has his work cut out on the second 2, but he can at least make me blonde. He will also entertain me. He is gay as they come, and an out and out slut, and always has super stories about the men he has picked up, or the parties he has been to.

My friend is having an exciting time. She met a bloke last week, but he lives a long way away, and was only in town on business. She wasn't expecting to ever hear from him again, but he has rung her and emailed her, and is coming back into town in maybe a month, and wants to arrange to see her! Lucky girl!

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