Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Went out for lunch with Doug yesterday - he is so sweet! His friend Kevin came, who is also nice, and he is such a bitch I love him! Doug is slightly camp when he is at work, or just with me, but Kevin is camp as a row of tents (or gay as a goose as Will said on Saturday) and Doug becomes even camper. Kevin kept referring to Doug as 'girlfren' like he was someone off of Jerry Springer - it was hilarious. Anyway, had lunch, walked back to WFC where Kevin left, and Doug, bless him, bought me a couple of Godiva chocolates. We wandered slowly back to where he would go upstairs (he jkingly asked me if I wanted to go up as his guest, and that it would be fun because all the ups were out for the day). We had a laugh about Jonathan and Eric inviting me to Mohonk this year (long story - offsite meeting at which I made an ass of myself big time, but without me and Nancy the whole thing would have been a flop). Doug was all for me going - said he would tell them he was bringing his girlfriend and they couldn't object because they let Tom bring his wife last year.

In the meantime, it started to rain, and when I say rain I mean RAIN. So Doug went off upstairs while I went to sit in the Winter Garden reading my book until the rain eased. Well, an hour later it finally did stop, so I ran for the ferry. And of course the ferry was the other side of the river and I had to wait. Ferry came, journey back was fine. It looked a bit dark when I got to JC, but as I only live 10 mins walk from the ferry I didn't worry about it. I got more than half way home, when there was a flash of lightning, clap of thunder all in one, and then the heavens opened. I have never been so wet in my life - it would have taken me longer stood under the shower! I thought I was going to lose my contact lenses, my face was so wet and the rain was coming down so hard. I was so bedraggled that when I got to the end of my street, some woman stopped her car and offered me a lift. It was very kind of her, because I would have ruined the inside of her car, but I only had half a block to walk, and I was as wet as I could be and wasn't going to get any wetter. When I got in I had to go straight to the bathroom to strip off cos I was literally dripping water everywhere. Red water from my shirt, blue water from my jeans!

Eric came over last night - we talked earlier about having a takeaway one night this week, but I cooked instead. Made him a nice and hot chicken jalfrezi - yum-yum! He loved the idea of me going to Mohonk as Doug'd girlfriend because it would be shocking on so many levels. First, they would be expecting a man, so a woman turning up would be shocking, secondly because it would be me! The ups don't realise how close me and Doug are as friends, so it would be totally unexpected.

Hey ho - been sending off my CV to several agencies today in England, because I need to start doing something about getting a job. I am going back there next month, so I need to be practical. I really don't want to go back, but I think I need to be realistic now - no-one wants to sponsor my work visa here. i can always apply from there, and maybe come back.

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