Friday, August 29, 2003

Boring day today really. Sexy Eric rang me at 10 this morning to see if I wanted to meet him for lunch. Normally I would jump at the chance, but part of me thinks he is feeling sorry for little Anni No-mates as Nancy is away this weekend, and he is away, and I will be left here all alone. Ok, that's not entirely fair - he usually does ring me to meet for lunch when he has a day off, but he had commented earlier in the week that I would be alone this weekend, and asked what I was going to do.

Anyway, off we went to Oddfellows - and wow-weee, they have got themselves a very sexy new waiter! Streaked blonde hair, a little long, fit body. Got to be gay. But I still enjoyed a good ogle, and I think Eric didn't notice too much. He is funny - even less good at planning than I am. He is going away this weekend, up to upstate New yrok, first to the town he went to college (where ever that is) and then to Albany for a wedding on Sunday. And as of 11 this morning he didn't know how he was getting there, nor who he was going with. All he knew was that one of his friends was definitely going, and that others might be, but he still hadn't decided whether to hire a car from here and drive all the way, get a bus and meet his friend there, get the train to his friend and hire a car there etc etc. Even I am not that bad - not quite like my mother who needs to know everything 18 months in advance, but I would still like to know a couple of days in advance.

Going out tomorrow supposedly with the friend I should have gone out with last night, and also the lovely Doug. I haven't heard from either of them today, but that is just like them. Won;t be a heavy night as still off the alcohol cos of the tablets. Might even get in a quick drink at Fitzies as Jade lives close by, but might not. Nancy is back on Sunday, so we can party then. Also, hope the 'itch' doesn't get much worse - thankfully it is pretty much in check, and still haven't used the Monistat. Just need a little wriggle in my chair now and then.........

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