Saturday, August 23, 2003


Who'd have 'em? If you have been reading this, then you realise that my parents drive me mad. However, now I am even more mad - the angry sort.

My nephew sat his GCSE's this year, and he got his results on Thursday. My mom phoned them up, and spoke to my sister. When she gets off the phone all I heard was 'He's not done very well, he's failed English. And he only got a B in maths.'

Well, in actual fact, my nephew got a total of 11 GCSE's, at grade C or above, 7 of these he took through the normal school channel. He also took NVQ's in IT out of school hours, and got the equivalent of 4 GCSE's there. Well. I have news for you, family.


Okay, so I think the D grade in English is a worry. But he has never been good at English. And he has plenty of time to retake it. He needs it because he want's to go to university.

And here is another screaming fit from me. My nephew is, shall we say, not very streetwise. He is a lovely lad, but really not with it in the real world. So. Because he is so scared of his own shadow, and not got much self confidence, my sister is trying to talk him into studying close to home. So he can live at home. And be protected. Ta-da-da-daaaa! Aunte Ann to the rescue. Pushing the wonderful maths based courses they do at Brighton University. How much he will like it there (it is where I was a student). Telling him that studying for a degree is only part of the education he will get at university. And he won't get any of the other if he stays at home with his mommy looking after him. My sister was not best pleased. But I am! It makes no sense for someone who is not worldy wise to be protected from the world. He never will learn it then will he? Anyway, university is 2 years off, so I have plenty of chance to work on him. Especially if I am back in England.

Which brings me to my job. How typical is this? While I was away, I have had 2 calls from agencies about jobs. The one agency is very persistent - and they know my background and that I need sponsorship, and she still is desperate to get hold of me. That is a phone call for Monday, but wouldn't that be sod's law to get a job offer now just as I am arranging to leave?

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