Sunday, August 24, 2003


God, I love that bar! As you have probably noticed if you have read any of my previous messages. Nancy and I went again last night, to meet with Leena, a girl who used to work in the same department as us. It was so nice, because I hadn't seen her since December. We used to have cubes next to each other, and gossip all the time.

Nancy and I walked in early, because while we have no problem with hanging around there on our own, Leena might be somewhat intimidated. Roger was his usual charming self coming for hello kisses, and said he enjoyed it so much he wanted to pretend we had just walked in all over again. So, because we are such agreeable people (and not because we love flirting with Roger of course) we gave him a big 'Hello', and kissed him again. Timmy and Will were in their usual place at the other end of the bar, and we waved. But as far as regulars go, that seemed to be it. Even Connor wasn't there - he was having his break and had gone for dinner.

Leena arrives, and we start telling her about the bar, and how we always have a random good time in the bar, something different always seems to happen. Roger, in his usual bullying way, decided that he was bored giving me vodka and coke (all you Brits take note - Americans don't drink vodka and coke - I haven't figured out why, unless it's because they don't have a fancy name for it) so I asked him to make me a Roger Special. So off he went, and I could see he was throwing in an awful lot of alcohol - all good news for me! He finally brings me my drink, telling me it was Sex on The Beach - when it quite obviously wasn't. So we re-named it the Scottish sex on the Beach - made to keep you warm! Leena, who arrives at this point, asks for the same. This, of course, threw Roger because he had no idea what he had put in my drink. He tried to say he had run out of the ingredients...... He made her something nice anyway.

I asked Roger what had happened to 'Dr Who', as he had been travelling for the summer, but must be due back now. Roger started laughing, and said he had actually been in earlier that week, and yes he was back. At this point, Mullet Man Bob walked in - I haven't seen him since my birthday booze up, when I decided I wanted to talk with the guy with the mullet. Also, he happened to be the only person in the bar older than me that night.... Of course, at this point he was ignoring me - who wouldn't?

I go to the loo, and see Will and Timmy on the way back. Gave Will his fags which he had left at mine, which made him very happy. However, it is really not very flattering when he remembers so little about our 'encounter'. Timmy didn't seem all that drunk at this point - I can deal with him when he is only semi-drunk. It is when he is plastered that I get annoyed.

Back at the end of the bar with Nancy and Leena, I see this guy walk in with Crystal Tips hair! It really was quite astonishing - all one length, but not quite to his shoulder, and very very curly. What I didn't notice was the bloke who walked in afterwards (how could I not notice him? He was wearing the most hideous blue and white shirt, and a different blue tie - it was awful), and of course - it was Dr Who!!! I am not sure if I have mentioned him before, and so if I have I apologise. Last year on Halloween, Nancy and I went to Fitzies, and we didn't realise it was fancy dress. This guy was standing next to me, and I had said to Nancy he looked like Dr Who (long overcoat, long hand knitted scarf) but most Americans don't know who Dr Who is, so he probably wasn't. Later, some bloke comes up and says 'Hi Dr Who - and not Harry Potter', and I turned and said 'So you ARE Dr Who'. My bad. He is possibly one of the most boring people I have ever met. You know you are on to a loser when he tells you his 'favourite Star Trek is Deep Space Nine'. Nothing about that phrase says 'this guy is not a loser'.

Go to the loo again, and stop to talk to Will and Timmy, to tell them I had a job, and was moving back to England. It is funny to see the vultures circling - they want all my electrical stuff, in particular my telly and DVD. Why does everyone want my DVD when I don't actually have one? Will, who works for a removal company, said they didn't do international moves, but he could recommend someone. Not that he did, but there you go! I got him to buy me a drink, as I had given him a book on Midland Red buses when he was here, and told him he had to buy me a drink!

On the way back to my seat, I stop to talk to Mullet Man Bob. He is so nice, shame he has a mullet really. He did remember me, but last time we had spoken I had had brown hair, so I could forgive him for not talking to me when he came in. Next to him was Dr Who and Crystal Tips, so I move on to them, just to say 'Hi' cos that's the kind of girl I am. Bad move. His first words to me were 'Who is the new Dr Who?'. Like I am going to know that. Then he starts on about it is Richard E. Grant, and it is web based, and they are going to make internet cartoons. Or something. I was really not that interested. This was quite possibly the only time I was glad Timmy decided he wanted to jump all over me, give me lots of hugs, demand that I snog him (no way Jose), did I want to see his knob, I should show him my tits etc. I was grateful to get away from Dr Who and his weird friend....

Will is funny - the only time he gets really animated is when I ask him about golf. This is a hobby he has only just taken up, and gets annoyed when I tell him it is boring, and only fishing comes lower in the boredom stakes. And maybe train spotting. Anyway, it seems most of the regulars in the bar are now getting into it - including Roger and Connor, and today they are off on a Fitzies outing to play golf. Yawn.

Get back to my seat (eventually) and Leena is about to go, as she has a long journey home. Nancy and I decide we will finish our drinks and leave - it is only 2 o'clock, but I am still feeling the effects of the jet-lag. We ask Connor for the bill, and he says no, we have to have another drink, and off he goes to make them! At this point, Roger comes over to tell us that Crystal Tips has taken a liking to Nancy, and he was trying to play cupid. Nancy, quite rightly, was having none of it. The bill arrives, and it is for $41. How can it be so damn low? Not that I am complaining, but I was drinking cocktails, as was Leena (although she only had 2), Nancy says she had around 5 ciders, and I had around 5 Sex on the Beach that we paid for, plus the one I got from Will. So - bargainous I say! Did I mention I love Fitzies????

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