Tuesday, August 26, 2003

For the first time I really missed my X...

Does this make me a bitch? Because the only reason I missed him was because I was ill in the night, and there was no-one to look after me. Yes, it probably does make me a bitch. But who cares eh?

Last night I ran out of anything to drink (other than tap water, and have you tasted Jersey City water?) so I had to go to the local shop at the end of the street. This is less than 2 minutes walk from my front door. I thought I was going to die when I got back, I felt so tired. Anyway, one thing they don't have here, and what I really need right now is some Ribena - you can't beat hot 'bina when you have a sore throat! I bought some bottled water, and a couple of squash type drinks - Grape cocktail and red grapefruit cocktail. I might try warming the grape one in the microwave to see if that has the same effect as 'bina.

So, being the wild party animal I am, I went to bed at 9 (hey, this was late compared to Sunday). The doctor yesterday said I didn't have a temperature, but I think I must have because I spent most of the night struggling with weird dreams - unfortunately I can't remember any of them now. But I kept waking up every couple of hours. Around 2.30 in the morning I woke up and could not stop shaking. I think this is probably because I haven't eaten anything since Saturday night, but I felt really deep down cold, like the inside of me was made from ice. I currently have my summer duvet on, and the winter duvet was next door in the spare bedroom, but I didn't want to leave the bed. This is the point at which I realised I missed the X. He was fairly useless at a lot of things, but if he had been there he would have got up and got the other duvet, and made me a drink so I wouldn't have to get up. In the end I had to do it myself - running around the apartment so as to minimise my exposure to the air. I also turned up the air-conditioning (I might have been cold, but it is so hot here you still need it on). And so, of course, a couple of hours later I woke up boiling hot! And couldn't get cool. Turned down the a/c, threw off the duvet, still sweating like a pig!

Hopefully the anti-biotics will kick in soon, because I hate being this ill (especially with no-one to fuss over me - am I really a bloke?).

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