Thursday, August 14, 2003

Have had a pleasant day today with Nice Debbie and her daughter Helen. We went shopping to Telford shopping centre, and didn't step into a supermarket once. I bought another denim jacket because I need one like I need a hole in the head. This is nice stretchy denim, zipped, with a nice buckle across the neck..... did mention I like zips? Only because men do - they want to unzip them and see what's underneath.... What a tart :-)

That was it apart from some reduced stuff from boots (wrapping paper, hair gel and candles), but it was really nice to wander without any stress. I tried to buy some cd's in Virgin, but for some reason there was not a single member of staff in the shop. I wondered if there had been a fire alarm that only the staff could hear. There were already 3 people waiting to be served, and there really wasn't one Virgin person to be seen. I was tempted to walk out and see how many members of staff would arrive at the alarm going off. Instead, I exercised my right as a customer and walked out leaving the cd's on the desk. Huh. That'll teach them to mess with me! Except when I went to HMV the cd's were more expensive. So maybe I will revisit Virgin, maybe in Brighton next week.

My sister and her family are back from holiday today, so we are going around to see them. That should be nice, as I also have some craft stuff she ordered from America and had delivered to my house, so she will be excited at that. Anyway, it seems I have to go NOW as my mom and dad are ready. Sigh. They don't seem to realise I am a grown woman. Oh well.

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