Saturday, August 30, 2003

I have a problem

I think I have an addictive personality. Especially when it comes to shopping. I am also somewhat addicted to the internet.

Internet + shopping = BIG trouble for Annipink!!

Ok, not exactly trouble, but I do sometimes think I have a problem. Well, maybe more than sometimes.

I am a fairly logical person - I am a computer programmer when I actually do work - but I do also have this creative streak in me. However, my imagination is very, very close to zero. So I have often had hobbies which involve creating things, but without too much actual design input from me. Many years ago when I was a student I got into cross stitch embroidery - it helped me relax a little when I wasn't studying, and seemed to fit all my needs - I could create something, from what looked like nothing (blank material, bunch of coloured cottons), but someone else had done all the imaginative bits in designing it - I just had to follow a pattern.

Then, a few years after I graduated I found myself out of work. So, I took up the cross stitch again. Right around the time that a lot of cross stitch magazines came out in Britain. This was in the early 90's. I still subscribe to some of those magazines. I have a whole bookcase dedicated to books and magazines devoted to cross stitch. I have 5 boxes full of embroidery threads - some colours are duplicated, but not many. I have a bag full of cross stitch material for stitching. I have a bag full of card 'blanks' for when I need to cross stitch a card for a birthday or Christmas or other occasion. I have babies bibs to stitch onto. I have bookmarks. I even have a baby blanket. I have about 15 kits, still pristine in their package. I also have a similar number of unfinished items, because I get bored doing them, and something else comes along much more interesting to stitch. I have been out of work for most of this year, and how much stitching have I done? Well, not much. Too busy reading all my books and magazines.

Then, last year, my friend Nancy asked me to help her organise her sister's bridal shower (for British people - this seems an American attempt for the bride to just get more presents, and a huge expense for the bridesmaid - a sort of civilised hen party). Nancy is also a little like me - a computer programmer with a frustrated creative person trying to get out. So, we collaborated. We bought 30 cheap glasses from the $1 store, and hand painted each and every one to be filled with flowers for the table. Then we got to work thinking of a theme - going for 'Autumn leaves' in the end. Nancy bought some rubber stamps in leaf shapes. Then she bought some pigment ink pads for them. Then some embossing powders for the pigment ink. Then an embossing tool to heat the embossing powder. Then we bought some fancy paper. Then some fancy scissors to cut the fancy paper. And I got jealous. Very jealous.

I think maybe you can see where I am going here..........

Rubber stamping is my new hobby. Ok, not hobby. Obsession. I now have over a hundred rubber stamps. Maybe 20 ink pads. A similar number of embossing powders. I have 8 pairs of scissors that each cut a different pattern. I have hole punches that punch fancy holes like holly, and hearts. I have stickers. I have card and paper in many different colours, and many different weights because you never know just when you will need them. I have different types of glue for the different types of paper. I have 4 different alphabets in stamps, so I can print people's names on their cards for that 'personal touch' and never use the same alphabet for the next 4 years for the same person (heaven forbid).

I have also now got my sister in on the game. And she, in turn has got her sister-in-law involved.

Which brings me to my point. I have just spent a very happy hour, and over $92 at Addicted to Rubber Stamps website, ordering stamps and such like for all three of us.

I think I need therapy........ where's the wine?

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