Friday, August 22, 2003

"I wouldn't chuck 'er out of bed...."

Men! They have such a wonderful turn of phrase don't they? However, this is one 'compliment' I can;t imagine ever having been used in regards to me. And now I know why. I WAS chucked out of bed. Literally!

OK, let's start at the beginning. I have been in the UK for 2 and a half weeks, visiting family, and for a few days this week I went to visit some friends that I knew from Poly, and others that I used to work with many years ago. One of the days I had arranged to meet (ok, a little embarrassing here, but only because I know what other people's reaction is - I have no problem with this, and have done it before) someone I had met on the internet. While it wasn;t exactly a blind date, we had been chatting for a while, I had still not met him before. My friend Kev stuck around until he arrived - just to make sure he wasn't a mad axe murderer or anything (because we all know you can spot them - they have that little 'glint' in their eye).

He arrives - and it was very strange in that I had only seen one small picture of him, yet recognised him the minute he set foot through the door. He noticed me too, but it is hard not to spot the mad woman with the bleached spiky hair. Kev stays for a short while, and there was a little awkwardness at first, but it didn't last long. Then Kev left, and it was just the 2 of us. And, in true British fashion, we got pissed as farts! We moved on to another pub, after drinking copious amounts of vodka in the first one (via the chocolate shop which gives away free samples - not to be missed) and, in a sensible manner, switched to white wine (well, it was on offer). We had a bottle. Each. And, in this very respectable pub, in daylight, of course we start snogging. But who cares after that much wine?

I thought, as I was staying at my friends house, and they are good friends with my X, that even if me and this bloke did 'get it together', we wouldn'g 'get it together' because I wasn't going to take him back to theirs. And he didn't live in that town. But, men and their urges :-). Ok, and my urges too - it's not often a man can prize me too far from my contact lens case overnight. We booked into a B&B. But only used the first 'B'. I imagine the girl who booked us in knew exactly what it was all about - reeking of alcohol, no bags, last minute booking..... it just spells sleazy. And exciting!!!

Which brings me back to the title. Without going into to much detail for delicate ears, at the crucial point, he got so excited he launched me. Off the bed. I landed in a heap on the floor. He at least had the decency to follow me, lol.

So, now I have the dubious acclaim of actually being thrown out of bed.

Still, can't have been that bad. After we went for dinner, we had seconds. And thirds. Oooh, now I am blushing!!!!

And the reason for the song quote at the end of the last entry was it was the name of the B&B. Strawberry Fields, for all you non-Beatles lovers.

What is the funniest thing is though, I had to run off in the morning because I had promised to stay in that morning because my friends were having furniture delivered. When I got back, she was waiting in for me, and her first words, after laughing at me, were 'Yeah, I did the same thing the other week'. Surely not?? She is married. That day was her wedding anniversary (new bed being delivered, lol). Then I figured it out. Two weeks before, my X had been to stay. The night before he got there, she had been out drinking, and had got home at 5.30 in the morning. And was woken by her kids at 6. So, she thinks I was out drinking. I made some comment about having a headache and she laughed and said serves me right. I was in a dilemma - I don't mind them knowing what I was up to, but I think it would put them in an awkward position with them being such good friends with my X.

That afternoon, I met another friend for coffee in Starbucks. I haven't seen her for ages, and we had a good chat. Then she made some comment about how well I looked - that I was 'positively glowing'. Whoops! Not often I blush! I had what my friend Kev called FFF - Freshly Fucked Face. She got very jealous when I told her what had happened the other day. And that that was the only reason I was glowing - I had had hardly any sleep, and was running on pure adrenalin (and caffeine).

That night I went out with 'my boys' Kevin and Damien. We met in a pub (I was on the diet coke!) then went for a curry. Then Kev and I went off to meet my friends who I had been staying with. They had been out for dinner (romantic - their 14th wedding anniversary - and people say I married young!). And of course, the conversation got around to what I had been up to the night before. I just blushed. God bless Kevin - what a good friend he is! They asked him what was on a the club on a Monday - he is gay, and when we go out we usually go to this gay club - and he said strippers. So my friends now think I went out with him, got very very drunk, and did something embarrassing in the club with the male strippers. I am not sure what I feel about this. I mean, it just hasn't occured to them that I met a bloke, and spent the night shagging! But that it is perfectly acceptable to make a fool of myself with male strippers. Gay male strippers to boot!

Hey ho - the glow has now gone, but I still have the bruises.............

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