Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It's been days since I posted, but that's for two reason -

1. Had nothing of interest to say.
2. Have been visiting friends and had little/no internet access.

Now I have both, but I am too knackered to write about it now. Had some fun days with old friends, and fun nights with new friends ;-)

Train journey home was a nightmare - 2 and a half hours late, and ended up travelling with a couple of Mancunian boys who think that 'in your 30's' is old, and Michael J. Fox is ancient! Maybe that was a compliment - they obviously didn't think I was that old. But I put that down to them having spent 2 days travelling home from Thailand, and I knew how to get them on to a train to Manchester after we got booted off a train in East Croydon, and they didn't want to upset me.

Anyway, might write tomorrow, else it will be Friday when I am back in sunny (I am assuming, haven't checked the weather) New York City!

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