Friday, August 01, 2003

Just got in from a 'party' at sexy Eric's apartment block. They have it every year apparently (I missed it last year because I had friends staying and they wanted to go to the pictures instead) and it was cancelled from last week due to the bad weather. It was ok in a 'someone you don't know that well wedding' party sort of way. They had a live band that was fairly good, but there weren't that many people there so they came across as being far too loud. I only knew Eric (obviously) and Nancy turned up, but she wasn't in a good mood (summer 'fizzle' is messing her about big time) and so wasn't her usual witty self. I also knew this girl Dee to say hello to - a friend of Nancy's I've met once before who also lives in that apartment block.

It was full of people that live in the apartment block (ok, so I am stating the obvious) who don't know each other, so everyone was just hanging around talking to the people they know. They also had a disco as well as the live band, but the music they played was pretty crap (a lot of latin stuff - not surprising really considering where I am) and also some 'wedding' get in a line and do a crappy dance together stuff. Unfortunately, I didn't know any of it. Oh the nostalgia for 'Agadoo' and 'The Birdy Song'.

Still, it was free food (although by the time we got to the food there was no meat left - tacos with no meat, just beans and cheese and salad and salsa) and free beer (nothing disparaging to say about that - can't argue with free beer). Anywa, had several pissy american beers, and actually managed to avoid going to the loo until I got home. This is partly due to the fact that to go I would have to go to Eric's apartment on the 20th floor, and once you have broken the seal.... But I know I will regret it cos I am going to be up and down like a bloody yo-yo tonight now.

Oh yeah, and some things I forgot about the concert last night. When we got there, and got into our seats I was at the end of the line of 4 of us. I was looking forward to some hairy old rocker sitting next to me. But. Bloody typical. I get the stick insect thin rock chicks, wearing little more than belts, boots that come to 2 inches below their belts, and the black leather, lace up the arms, hooked over the middle finger gloves. Rich was creaming his shorts. In fact, all of them were creaming their trousers. I did offer to change places (they were doing nothing for me apart from making me feel old and fat) but they guys were trying to play it cool. However, when Rich left to go to the loo, and I offered to take his seat so he could sit next to the rock chicks he jumped at the chance. Sadly, they left and never came back. We reckon they had got back stage passes...

Also, some guy sitting in front of me turned and made some comment to me. And UK-dar in action, I spotted he was English, and so we started talking. Point to note - no hair, no tattoos, no go! But Rich thought I was really into him, and was surprised when I left at the end of the show without him. Makes me wonder about my reputation.....

Finally - Rich is a big girl's blouse! Who goes to an Iron Maiden concert with ear plugs? I will say no more!

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