Friday, August 01, 2003

OK, this thing is pretty good - makes it easy to edit your blog. Certainly worth a look.


Just wish I had more to say.

Can talk about my dream/nightmare last night I suppose. I was awful because it was oh so real. My dreams are always pretty vivid anyway, but I think the I usually am aware at some level that it is a dream. last night it wasn't. Ok, here goes...

I had been out to lunch with someone, and he had walked me back to my apartment. In my dream he was working on the building site 4 doors up from me (in reality, the building site is over the road, but hey, this is a dream right?) so he literally walked me up the steps to my front door. As I turned to say goodbye, he jerked backwards like I was going to kiss him, and I laughed cos I had no intention of doing so. Then he turned and went downt he steps, and I opened the door. I walked up the stairs inside, and got to my apartment door, and as I was opening the door I could hear this sort of tapping sound. I turned around, and there was some bloke walking up the stairs behind me, which was odd because I hadn't heard the downstairs door open/close. He smiled at me, and I smiled back but rather quickly opened my door and shut it behind me as he reached the top of the stairs and hit both locks and put the chain on. I was in the kitchen - steps from the door, when it opened, and was only stopped from opening fully by the chain. I screamed, and ran past to the living room to the phone. This bloke was stood in the doorway, grinning at me through the chain. I picked up the phone, and dialed the police. I heard the chain snap as someone answered the phone and I started screaming 'There's someone in my apartment, he has just got through the door now'. On hearing me, this bloke turned and ran, I heard him go down the stairs. The person on the phone told me to hold tight, not touch anything, and someone would be right over. I then spent time going around the apartment checking the windows, and making sure they were all locked. This is the only part of the dream which wasn't close to reality - the windows and locks were more like what you get in England, with the turn handles and the keys inside. I have sash windows, with just the turn clips on the top.

What disturbed me the most was how real it was - it really was my apartment, not some place which bears no resemblance to reality, but in my dream seems perfectly normal. Also, when I have a nightmare when the really scary bit happens (like when the door opened) is when I wake up - not carry on dreaming enough to ring the police and scream down the phone.

I wonder what it all means.......

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