Monday, August 04, 2003

Ouch! Well, let's just say I ache today. I feel like I spent hours in the gym yesterday. No further comment needed, LOL. Apart from much more fun workout than the gym!

Had another agency on the phone this morning - more jobs for me to go for. Money seems pretty good - and even better is that a lot of them also offer a car - given that I don't have a car in the UK anymore, that is a big bonus. Still, got to get a job yet. Then worry about a car.

Almost packed. I hate packing, it is so boring. And I always forget something. I started fairly early, so that as I remember things through the day I can just take them into the bedroom ready for packing. Bound to forget something fairly important though. As long as I have my contact lenses, then I should be ok. Can;t go 2 weeks without my lenses.

Going out for a drink tonight with Nancy and Sexy Eric. Sigh. Chatted with Sexy Eric yesterday, but after the last night with Will, he knows better not to ask how the night went. Bless him.

Let's talk a bit more about Sexy Eric. He is 26. About 6 foot. Reasonably good looking, fairly fit, and the biggest smile this side of the Osmonds, without being cheesey. He has a great laugh, and the most wonderful giggle if you catch him unawares - something to aim for! but, to my knowledge, he has never had a girlfriend. He isn't gay, but he is very shy around girls. I knew him for 6 months before he actually started talking to me more than a quick 'Hello', and that was only because he was friends with Nancy, and I was friends with Nancy and so sort of by default he spent time with me. Now he is probably one of my closest friends here. I probably speak to him at least every other day, for about an hour on the phone. Sometimes every day. Pretty much all of the men I used to work with are sexy - Nancy and I used to play a game of who was the sexiest in the office, and it wasn't easy. The least sexy was easy peasy (the walking stick and porn star moustache swung that one) but the sexiest was pretty hard. Anyway, we used to joke that we wished Eric worked in another company, as working in the same office is a complete no-no. Nancy was not happy when I left work, and pointed out that I no longer shared an office with Eric so he wasn't off limits. Said she would never speak to me again if I got off with Eric. Huh, chance would be a fine thing.

He so wants a girlfriend though. I just wish I knew how to help him. And no, jumping on him is not the answer! I think he would run a mile. Funny thing is some of my friends think we are sleeping together - we go shopping to the supermarket together (he carries my shopping up the stairs, I still haven't figured out what he gets out of it apart from the occasional meal and a play on my internet), he once asked me to go shopping with him to buy shoes and I ended up spending loads of money on shirts in the sale at Macy's for him. We went out as a group (old work mates and me) to Asian happy hour. This is the whole nightclub experience at 6pm on a Thursday night. It's pretty weird, but it's a cheap night out - free to get in, and free drinks usually until around 6.30-7.00. Anyway, this one night I got there at 20 past 6, they were already there, so I went straight to the bar for 2 drinks. Eric had already had a few, and when I got to the table he was shouting at me to go get some more drinks, don't waste the free time, and eventually he bullied me (really not an easy thing to do) into getting 2 more drinks. He had several, and also was in the state where he stole several more. He got very drunk, and I could see it happening. I kept trying to get him to dance (work off some of the alcohol - hey, works in theory no?) and eventually got him dancing. Then when we went back, we were chatting, and suddenly he just says to me 'I don't feel too good' and literally just collapsed in my arms. One of his friends was standing behind him, and was grinning at me over his shoulder thinking we are hugging. I am sinking slowly to the floor, trying desperately to hol dhim up, screaming at his friend to help me. We get him sat down, and he promptly threw up all over the floor and his shoes, and his friend (ok, I am a bitch, I saw it coming and moved back). Of course, we get kicked out of the club. And it's not even 8 o'clock at night. Luckily for us there are 5 of us live in this neighbourhood, as no way were nancy and I getting him home on our own. One of those times when being 'British and charming' helps - Eric was being carried by Rich and Vivek down into the subway station, and they get stopped by a cop. If it hadn't been for me and Nancy - 'Oh, I am terribly sorry officer, it is his birthday, he has had a few too many, I will make sure he gets home ok, thank you very much my good man, thanks awfully' and other Hugh Grant-like phrases - he would definitely have been arrested. Anyway, we eventually get home (more thanks to Rich, big boo to Vivek), and I bring him here, for two reasons. One - I really thought he was going to die from alcohol poisoning at the least, choking on his own vomit more likely. Also, we knew which apartment block he lived in, but not one of us had any idea which apartment it was. And he had no idea where he was. Anyway, the point of this long winded story is that one of my friends thinks I slept with him. HAHA. In that state? She finds it difficult to believe I didn't even kiss him. For god's sake. He had been puking.

I like to tell people me and Eric are more like husband and wife than boyfriend and girlfriend. He carries my shopping for me, I help him choose nice shirts, he comes round my apartment and takes control of the TV remote, I cook for him, I look after him when he is drunk, no sex. Marriage made in heaven!

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