Sunday, August 10, 2003



Love my mom and dad to pieces, but, life with them can be, well, dull. Yesterday we went to Burton-on-Trent. At least this time we managed to get somewhere other than Morrisons. But boy did I get moaned at for spending almost half an hour in TK Maxx looking at clothes. Then I spent too long going into and out of mobile phone shops (hmm, wasn't that the point of us going there so I could scope out mobile phones? I thought so.) Upset my mom by buying some knickers. Not exactly sexy ones, but plain, black cotton. With writing on the front. One says 'Mission Impossible' and another says 'Too Hot to Handle'. She is disgusted, because 'no-one is going to see them'. Ha ha. I also bought a pair which are Union Jack. Going to tickle whoever sees them in America - Americans will love it for being so 'British', the Brits will like it because it reminds them of home.... Of course, I am assuming someone is going to see them.

Then, back to sunny Rugeley, for a barbecue. Which in my parents speak is burgers and sausages in bread. No salads. No chips and dips. Not even any barbecue sauce. Like I said, just a little dull.

I am going to see my friend Nice Debbie tomorrow. She is, well, Nice. I am surprised we are still friends, actually, seeing as I am not Nice. She split up from her husband around the same time I did, but they have a 6 year old daughter. She is finding things a little tough I think, trying to make ends meet with a couple of part time jobs, and juggling the care of her daughter. So that will be a bundle of laughs! Ouch, sorry, that was a bit mean. We have been friends since school - since we were 11, and while we don't exactly speak every other day, when we do meet up it is nice. Nice.

Isn't the weather here funny? There is a thunder storm going on, and it is nothing like the storms we get in New York. I can hear it rumbling miles away, haven't actually seen any lightning, there is an almost constant trickle of rain. In New York, it goes very, very dark, then there is a flash of lighting (usually hitting Eric's building I think) in conjunction with an enormous clap of thunder, followed 5 seconds later by an absolute downpour. Think Scooby Doo. That is exaclty what it is like. At least the thunder here means it is cooler - that doesn't happen over there!

Well, a dull entry, to go with my dull life at the moment.

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