Sunday, August 31, 2003


Fitzies, sober.

Now, how weird is that?

Went out with my friend Jade last night, for a meal - postponed from Thursday night. We went to an Indian place not far from where she lives. It's not the best Indian food I have ever had, but probably the best I have had in America, and as Nancy hates Indian food, I thought I would seize the opportunity to go while she was away for the weekend. It was really nice - in fact this was the first time I have ever been out with just jade - we have always been part of a group before. Although I think I may have got Nancy into trouble - Jade imparted a little bit of office gossip concerning my old VP, now living with one of the crazy managers from another department. I already knew - Nancy and Eric had told me last week. Jade was upset that Nancy hadn't told her, but hopefully my 'I no longer work there, so it's not really gossiping to tell me' will work.

Anyway, the Indian is very close to Fitzies, and Leena was coming in to town too, to go and see a movie with Jade, and as that is where we had met Leena last week I suggested Fitzies. After all, what is a Saturday night without Fitzies? Well, it is bloody strange when you are on antibiotics and not drinking! It probably didn't help that we were there pretty early too - I think we got there around 9-ish. Normally the earliest Nancy and I get there is 11 o'clock. For a good part of the night the only people I knew there were the bartenders - no Stoke Boys, no Dr Who, no Jonas. Dartman Dave turned up at some point, but I don't really know him, he is one of Nancy's hangers on not mine. Jonas turned up around 12.

Leena and Jade decide they want to go and see 'Pirate's of the Carribean', and seem very surprised when I said "No. No way." Gawd - I have seen the trailers for that film - I can't imagine anything worse than sitting through that load of tripe! In the end they didn't go - I feel a little guilty, I think they may have been staying for my sake, but I think they are going to go tonight.

Anyway, 3 diet cokes later, and Jade has gone (she can't take the pace!) and Leena has to leave to get her train. I am totally weirded out by this whole 'sober' thing, and also the fact there there were no Stoke Boys. And I mean NO Stoke Boys. I have never, ever been in that pub when there hasn't been at least one Stoke Boy. Maybe they have found God and forsaken the evil drink??

Oh, and of course, as only ever seems to happen to me when I am alone coming back from the city - there is an enormous rat running around the subway station as I am walking down the steps. Uuurggghhhh!!!!

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