Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Well, here I am in sunny old England - and blimey! It IS sunny too. Oh how I wish for air-conditioning....

Yesterday was fairly uneventful. Got up at 4.30 in the bloody morning to get to Newark airport, because, for some reason, the airline couldn't verify my credit card over the phone so I had to get to the airport extra early to pick up my ticket. I wouldn't mind if it was some tin-pot airline. The reason given for not being able to verify it was because it was a British based bank. Well hello. Virgin are a British based company!

The taxi driver was funny. First he complained that he had just come from the airport, and he had to go back again. Hmmm, not my problem I don't think. Anyway, in true taxi driver fashion, when you are half dead from lack of sleep he talked non-stop all the way there. Turns out he was from Tunisia, and has been in America for 6 years. He got very excited when I told him I once went to Tunisia (bad experience, molested by the locals first night there then frightened to leave the hotel complex, then got a serious case of the sh*ts so couldn't go anywhere anyway, but I left all that stuff out for him). So excited he asked me for my number. I just told him he knew where I lived....

What is it with me and taxi drivers (once had a scary ride with the driver telling me how much he liked my hair, what did I like to drink, where did I go to drink while taking me down the backstreets of some small New Jersey town. at 3 am in the morning, when there was no traffic to avoid. Very scary.) Whatever it is, it seems to be the same thing with Indian boys in NYC. And Stoke boys.

Got here, uneventful, dozed most of the way, mom and dad met me at the airport (looked for you Pob!), drove me back. Today has been quiet - just the inevitable 25 million trips to supermarkets with my parents in the search for the saving of thruppence on a tin of beans.

Tomorrow I have the interview from hell. I have to get to Northampton for 9 o'clock - and hour and a half train ride, and I live 20 minutes from the station). I have an itinery which starts at 9 and doesn't finish until 5. With no breaks. They do give me lunch. While I am being interviewed by 2 people. Eeeeek!

So, I better go off to bed then!

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