Friday, August 08, 2003

What a day yesterday! A straight 8 hours of interviews and tests, with no break. Even lunch was an interview (but at least they paid for it). Most of it seemed to go ok, I have spoken to the agency today, and they are going to speak to Barclaycard later today (apparently their offices had a power cut yesterday - how funny is that for a job agency?) so I should know by the end of the day.

Had fun and games coming home. I asked reception to order me a taxi, and then when I was on my mobile to the agency, the reception guy started waving at me telling me my taxi was here, then changed his mind because it was the wrong company. So, hanging around reception for 15 minutes, and eventually the taxi driver comes in and says he is a taxi for Ann. I jump up and say it was me, and he was obviously pissed off because he had seen me waiting, and I hadn't come out to him. I apologised, said the reception guy had told me it wasn't my taxi. Anyway, get in the taxi, are drivng towards the main road when his walkie talkie thng goes - he has picked up the wrong passenger, his passenger is now waiting for him - Ann, wanting to go the station! They tell him he has to go back and pick up his proper passenger. I was gob-smacked! Not the most professional way of dealing with customers! In the end, the other passenger turned into 3 passengers, all going to the station, so they let me share, and as they were consulting and on expenses they paid for it, so it turned out ok in the end. But I mean. If they hadn't been so nice, I would have just been turfed out of the taxi!

Then I get to the station - trains cancelled all over the place. I ask the bloke on the gate how is the best way to get to Stafford, teling I had come via Rugby. He said the next train back to Rugby was at 18.15 - it was 17.20! And hot! And I was knackered. He must have realised this somehow (expression? body language? my loud groans?) and suggested I go for a pint. 'Or whatever it is ladies drink nowadays' he said. I replied 'I ain't no lady, and I drink pints! Point me in the right direction!' So, at 5.30, sat in a pub drinking a pint of Strongbow, eating a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Marvellous!

Eventually get home, dad cooks me a sausage sandwich (bless him) and I collapse in bed at 9 o'clock. Slept until 9 this morning, so hopefully I am over the jet-lag/interview-lag now.

I have another interview this afternoon, with Accucard. Not sure what the job is (the job description is very generic, and apparently they want lots of people) so got to put my best clothes on for the telephone (nude interviews, even on the telephone, are not to be recommended. Believe me, I know!).

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