Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Avenue Q

Tonight, as part of 'Celebrate Ann being deported' week, we went to see Avenue Q on Broadway. Can't leave New York City without a last minute trip to a Broadway show. It was hilarious. I would thoroughly recommend it - well worth the $90 ticket money. Went with Nancy - also was part of her birthday present - and Peter (one of the Grove Street Gang) and his wife also came, but they had bought their tickets separately to us so sat the other side of the theatre. It was a great show. I had been warned there was puppet nudity, but oh my! Not just nudity. Oh no. Full on sex! (Hey, do you think that will increase my Google hits?) There was a song about how it's ok to make a lot of noise when you are having sex. Maybe I should take my neighbour..... Also a great song about the internet, and what it is good for (for porn) (go here for a clip on that one).

Tomorrow is the only night this week that nothing is officially planned. Although Christine may be coming round to have pizza from the place in my street. Then Thursday we go to Little Italy (number 3 on my list of 'things to do before I get deported') assuming the weather isn't too bad from the hurricane. Friday is one last happy hour, possibly in Hoboken, with maybe even a last trip to Johnny Rockets.... Saturday is of course Fitzies. Finally. Much as I love that place, I have been there a little too much in the last few weeks.

Well, that was a boring blog, to match my day really. Apart from the show.

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