Thursday, September 04, 2003

Bird of Paradise...

I have been to the hairdressers. And, as my hairdresser put it, I look 'Fan-fucking'tastic'! Every time I go he always threatens to colour me some weird and wacky colour - usually purple, but other colours do get mentioned, but I always said I would only do it if it would wash out by Monday in time for work. Then I was out of work, and I had to be fairly sensible about my hair, so never had anything wild done. But now I have a job. And I don't start work until the end of September. So I told him he could do what ever he liked, as long as it would go back to normal by the end of the month.

So. He bleached it blonde. Wonderful. Then, the front he coloured bright red on the top, and bright orange at the sides. And I have litte streaks of both at the back on the sides, fanned back. And it is all spiky. I love it. I LOVE IT! I have to go back tomorrow, and he is going to take photos to add to his portfolio. That makes me feel special, and trendy. I have never considered myself trendy.

And of course, he has some stories to tell. He has been staying with his dad for a week, and he was telling me about the gay bars (2 of them) in Virginia Beach, and how they are full of queens, and very few 'men's men' (? I think he meany butch gay men here?) but he had a good time anyway. And of course he visited his friendly neigbourhood piercer. Now, I knew he had some body piercings. I am only grateful I have never bumped into him in a bar, because he is very proud of his Prince Albert, and is not averse to showing it off. Apparently he wanted a 'number 1' done to his Prince Albert, whatever the hell that meant - I was too scared to ask. Then he told me he had a geesh done. I looked puzzled, so he went into great depth to tell me it was the skin between his balls and his anus. Oh. My. God.

Well, me being me, I have come home and looked for it on the internet. And it is actually spelled 'guiche'. And for those not too squeemish, here is what one looks like.

I also spent 3 hours in the opticians, to be told I have kerataconus, and need a special contact lens fitting. I already knew that. That is why I was there - for the contact lens fitting? Apparently not. I have to go back. For another 3 hour appointment next week. I have to sort out my insurance by then, else I will be out in excess of $500 for them.

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