Friday, September 12, 2003

Fitzies - again

Part of me is actually getting a bit sick of Fitzies - but another part of me knows I am going to miss it when I am gone, so need to make the most of while I am here.

Anyway, I ended up in there again last night. The Stoke Boys had said they wanted a load of my electrical stuff, so I was meeting a friend (hmm, will explain later) last night, supposedly in Hoboken, but I asked if we could meet in Fitzies so I could kill two birds with one stone. So he did. He said he would be at the gym until 7, and I guessed it would take him half an hour or so to get there, so said I would aim for 7.15 to be on the safe side (nothing to do with me being an alcoholic of course).

Also yesterday, I had to go on a trip to the opticians again. Another 2 hours. I must have had about 8 contact lenses fitted to each eye, then tested for sight, then dye in the eye to test for the fit. I felt a bit like a lab rabbit. I got out of there eventually - at 5.15, and waited for a bus. And waited. And waited. Eventually, at 5.45, I figured that by the time I got home, it was going to be time to leave almost immediately, so I might just as well go straight there. And I was pretty close to Journal Square Path, so why pay for two journeys? So, I got to Fitzies at 6.30. Whoo hoo - that's a lot of vodka and cokes before Keith was due to arrive.

Hergen (or however you spell it) was there. Sigh. And he actually looks like he is a bit older now - maybe 14? Got talking to the two gay guys next to me - Roger introduced us and seemed surprised I didn't know them. They, apparently, knew me (worries about reputation for, oo, 5 seconds). Roger told me a very disgusting story the other week, concerning two gay guys who came in, and I am wondering if it is the same two. I am sure he will tell me tomorrow.

It got to 5 past 8 and Keith still hadn't arrived, so I went outside to call him on his mobile from the payphone right outside the door. One of the gay guys was outside smoking, and he thought I was leaving and told me off. I said I was just giving an ear-bashing to my friend who had stood me up, and he was very sweet saying I should still stay in the bar talking to them. That's what I love about New York. A woman drinking alone in a bar in Britain does not attract people who just want to talk to her.

Anyway, Keith walks in 5 minutes later. He had been a bit late leaving the gym, then most of the roads had been closed off around the WTC site so he had had to walk miles to get to a subway, and also the twin towers of light had been switched on, so he stopped to have a look at them.

Now, Keith. He was a friend of Nancy's. She went to grad school with him. Wasn't a big friend of his, but they were pretty friendly, and now they work for the same company. Keith lives in Hoboken, not far from here, and he has a car. He used to drive to work in Parsippany. I suppose that should have given away Nancy's feelings for him - she would rather take the bus with the crazy bus driver than travel with him. A couple of times he gave us a lift home, when we all went to a bar in Hoboken that did a pub quiz. Nancy says she is forever sorry for introducing me to him. He is a nice enough bloke I suppose, but is a bit of an arse-licker. He was very upset when we moved back to the Tower, and discovered that I had a window seat, yet he had been there for a year longer than me and he didn't. That was before he found out I was a 'Senior Manager' (one of those titles that means nothing other than you get a window seat) whereas he was a 'manager', something he took very personally. He used to come and see me at my desk most days, just for a little chat, usually about his love life or lack there of. Or to moan about how he didn't have a window seat. And when he was going to make senior manager. Most other people on the floor really didn't like him. I felt a bit sorry for him. I didn't dislike him, but he is not on my list of close friends.

I haven't seen Keith since I left American Express, with the exception of bumping into him one lunch time when I was over there meeting Nancy. We have exchanged less than half a dozen emails. Then he hears I am leaving, and wants to meet up, like I am his best friend and I am never going to see him again. Strange. But there you go, I had nothing else to do last night. Nancy was horrified, said I should have avoided it. But he is harmless enough.

The Stoke Boys are very very funny. Whenever I have been there with another boy (the X, Sexy Eric, Keith, whoever) they don't come and talk to me. When I go to the loo, they will talk to me as I go past, but they never come and talk to me, even to say hello as they pass on the way outside for a fag. Anyway, got very pissed off with them when they said they didn't want any of the electrical stuff, they couldn't carry it back into Manhattan, bullshit bullshit bullshit. It was Will who had been going on at me for weeks about how he wanted my telly and my stereo. Oh well, their loss. Roger wants my pc, so that is a big bonus. Oh, and there is a new Stoke Boy. Not sure if he is just expanding the group, or is a replacement.

I got very drunk, Keith got a little drunk (I had a big head start on him) and it all got very worrying. While he didn't actually make a pass at me, he got the 'little boy lost why don't you kiss me' look. Several times when it didn't work the first time. I hate those situations - I didn't want to run away, because that would hurt his feelings. But I didn't want to kiss him. I don't really like him all that much, let alone fancy him. I played dumb, and pretended I wasn't getting the messages. Turned my head to the side when he came in for the goodnight hug. Hopefully that will be the end of it - he was talking of meeting again before I go, and I said that I was pretty busy, Nancy was organising a lot of things. Big mistake. He now wants in on them all. Although he did himself give me an out by saying "I know, you and Nancy want to go out looking for boys to kiss, and I will cramp your style". Sorry Keith, but yes. You will. Especially as you are one of the boys we DON'T want to kiss!

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