Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Helpless female....

Being a woman can be so much fun at times. Especially when you get to play the 'helpless female' to get some big strapping man to do your dirty work. Even better when he ought to know you better, so really you both know it is an act, but he goes along with it anyway to make him feel macho.

Sigh! Sexy Eric!

The light bulb blew in my kitchen yesterday. And it is quite a high ceiling (well, sort of high anyway). And a difficult lampshade held on with 3 awkwardly placed screws (this is true). And I also had a lot of left over curry from the night before (bribery also helps). So, a pathetic plea to Sexy Eric, "I can't reach to change my light bulb - would you like to eat here too?" He comes round after work (6.30), insistant that he must leave by 8 o'clock. We eat. We discuss work (the previous blog gives my opinion of the company - it seems he also feels the same way). We discuss my electrical goods, and he tries to decide what he wants. He also decides to steal the two plastic garden chairs I have (like I am going to pay to transport them to England?). It get's to 8 o'clock, and he still hasn't changed the bulb. Not that I want to get rid of him, but I ask if he doesn't want to do it, since he has to leave at 8? He laughs, says he doesn't HAVE to leave, he just thought he ought to go work out, and then the football is on later and he wanted to watch that. But he is happ where he is (warm glow ensues).

Eventually we move to the kitchen, step ladder out, me being the 'helpless woman' only good for passing screwdrivers, and light bulbs and lampshades. Oh god. He is stood on the step ladder. Reaching up above his head. I am surprised he can't hear me whimper. I play it cool. Until he says "If I fall, you must catch me". Do I reply "Here, let me hold on to you just in case"? No. My problem is I am too honest. "If you fall mate, I will step backwards, and probably piss myself laughing at you rolling on the floor". Damn. Must engage brain before I open mouth.

Funny week here - Thursday is going to be a very strange day. I haven't seen there is going to be anything particularly going on in remembrance of the World Trade Centre. Last year at American Express there was a lot of help fgiven. People were allowed to stay away from work if they wanted. Bosses were given advice on how to deal with the trauma people were inevitably going to be feeling. Of the few people that did turn up in the office, lunch was provided for free, so people could stay inside and not go out if they didn't want to. Even down to the room the food was in - the opposite corner to the WTC site so people didn't even have to look out at the hole.

This year, American Express is having one minutes silence. If you want to. That is it. Everyone is expected to turn up. It is going to be a 'normal' day. Now, maybe I am being unltra sensitive, but I think to be so thoughtless only 2 years on is a little harsh. Most of the people that work in the building were evacuated. They were only blocks away when the towers fell. Most people know someone who was killed. Or at least know someone who knows someone.

Going to be a sad day anyway. Already the History channel, and all the news channels are playing documentaries. And like when it first happened, I can't tear myself away from the screen. Maybe I will have had too much of it by Thursday, but I doubt it.

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