Monday, September 22, 2003

Little Italy

Well, that's number 3 off my list. I never did get to number 1 though.

Went to Little Italy tonight, with Nancy and Eric, and they had also invited Jade and Leena, which was a really nice surprise. There was some fair going on, and all the streets were filled with booths selling food and there were the usual fair type games. And of course people everywhere. I hate it when people come together like that, because they are just stupid. The walk space is 5 feet wide, and they walk 4 people side by side, and then all stop to look at something. And you just can't get past. Show a little common sense, people!

The place we went was actually disappointing. The food was so-so, and the service was appalling. And it's not as if the place was that busy, because most people were eating on the street. Wish we had now... Then we walked miles to Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village for cupcakes. Just what the doctor ordered!

Talking with Nancy about last night, and there was so much I had forgotten. When we got off the Path train, it was daylight. Not dawn, with the sun peaking over the sky-scrapers. It was fully daylight. There were people walking about on their way to church! I think I got home around 7 o'clock - that is late even for our standards! I remember when it got to 4, and Roger and Conner pulling the shutters down on the windows, and locking the door at 2 minutes past 4. At 2 minutes and 3 seconds past 4, everyone in the bar (Nancy reckons there was 12 of us left, including the barmen) apart from me and Nancy lit up! It was hysterical (for those of you that don't know, it is illegal in New York City to smoke in a 'work place'. This includes bars, so you can always tell a bar by the cluster of smokers outside. But obviously, come 4 o'clock when the bar is supposed to be closed, it is then alright to smoke inside, as the telltale smokers outside is a sign that the bar is still serving. And what the hell - serving drinks illegally, might as well let them smoke!

And the tattoo photo that wasn't, was, apparently a shambles. Nancy was trying to co-ordinate it - they all dropped their trousers in unison, but there shirts were covering the tattoos. Nancy would shout "Hey, Will, lift your shirt we can't see" and lift his shirt he would. Meanwhile, Timmy's shirt would have dropped. By the time she got Timmy's shirt up, Will had dropped his shirt. And apparently the tattooes were all slightly different. I didn't look that closely, and I was looking at them through a camera lens. Nancy even had it down to "Will and Timmy's are on the right cheek, Paul's was on the left..."

Connor left with a woman - who was not his wife! He is a bad boy. Nancy snogged him once, then noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. "Oh yeah, I'm married" he says. Didn't seem to think it mattered.

I remember Jonas getting very excited when I told him me and Nancy had been hoping to go to his restaurant before I left, but hadn't had time. He was all for it. Apparently he works in some upscale restaurant somewhere south, and he does the bookings. He said we should definitely go, and he will make sure we get good tables, and ensure we get treated well by the waiters. One for the list for my trip over.

I also remember Roger telling me and Mullet Man that we should organise an arm wrestling contest. We were both confused, then he pointed at Nancy. She had Dartman Dave on one side, Jonas on the other, vying for her attention. Then Roger suggested an arm wrestle would be too hard for both of them, and perhaps we should hold a crossword competition between the two, with Nancy as prize.

Nancy, on Friday, had dared me to snog Dr Who. When I asked what it was worth, she said $200. Seems like easy money to me! She backed out when she thought I really might do it, and said if I actually snogged Dr Who she would disown me, and never talk to me again. After Dr Who had left last night, we told Dartman Dave this. He was so disappointed he had left - he offered to match the $200, and then went around the bar to see if anyone had Dr Who's number, so we could call him back so I could snog him. Nancy was concerned, said I would make him into a stalker, but I was all for it - after all, I am leaving the country! But she does have a point. He is pretty scary. I reckon he would come to England looking for me. Moot point anyway, since no-one had his number.

Okay, I really must go, I need to take some rubbish out, and then I need some sleep. I am well and truly knackered!

I will be back as soon as possible!

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