Saturday, September 13, 2003

More Sexy Eric

Sigh! Sexy 25 year olds should not be allowed anywhere near frustrated 36 year old women!

He rang me last night dead on 5 o'clock - already on his way home from work. I ripped into him a little about him not being dedicated to work, leaving dead on 5 o'clock, even if it was a Friday (his boss hates it when people do the 9-5 thing - but then that is Amex for you - wanting something for nothing). He laughed, said he had actually left at 10 to, and he was laready this side of the river. Then he suddenly says I need to call you back, I need to call you back and hangs up on me.

About half an hour later he calls me from home. He is having fights with his brother. While he is on the phone, I can hear his mobile ringing, then it stops, then it rings, then it stops, around 7-8 times. In the end Eric says hang on, and I hear him shouting at his brother. Then he calmly gets back on the phone with me. Only to go off again when his mobile rings to shout once more at his brother. It was funny in an embarrassing, witnessing a family argument sort of way. Eventually he switches off his mobile, so he won't have to listen to the ringing.

We chat for a bit, he is asking what mine and Nancy's plans were. They had originally been to go to belly dancing class, but I was too hung over to deal with anything that strenuos, and also couldn't be arsed to drag myself into the city. Eric was going into the city to meet some of his friends for a night out, but he was expecting to be back around 10-ish, when me and Nancy were planning to meet up for a beer in the neighbourhood, so he planned to come and join us.

Fifteen minutes after hanging up on me, he calls me from his mobile. "I was just walking to the Path station, and I changed my mind. I am going to hang out with you tonight. Let's go for dinner too". Awww, how sweet. He says he wants a nap, but will call me at 7 and we can go for some food and beer, and Nancy will join us later (having to fit in her gym and lettuce sandwich first). I wait until 7.40, then I ring him, getting the engaged tone. Ring his mobile, to find he is trying to ring me at the same time, he has just woken up, lets go out in 15 minutes. I ring Nancy, sure enough, just back from the gym, doesn't want to come out and eat with us but will join us for a beer.

Of course, because he has been sleeping, we have missed happy hour. I have a craving for buffalo wings, because I know I am not going to get anything as good as American buffalo wings in England, so we go off to Uno's. Not a bad place, but not a great place either. But happy hour it's $2.50 a beer, and $2 off all appetizers. And we have missed it. Oh well. We sit in the bar, order food, and I proceed to get very drunk on pissy American beer. He is sooooooooo sweet. And funny. And young. And sexy. Sigh.

We are going out this afternoon to say farewell to Cap'n Al. Al always has $2.50 beer, but it is a bit suspect....... today he also has a free barbecue. Whoo hoo. Then tonight we are going to Virgil's - meat, meat and more meat. Then off to Fitzies, although it is never so much fun when you have a boy in tow. And poor Eric needs a translater for the bar staff, and the regulars. We will also invite Rich - him of the Iron Maiden concert - because he has just split up from his girlfriend, and he lives in the neighbourhood so he has no excuse to avoid Cap'n Al's.

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