Sunday, September 21, 2003

My head hurts....

Oh my. I have a HUGE hangover. Might have something to do with doing a whiskey shot, when I hate whiskey. That was early on, when I can't even say I was that drunk. No. The blame for the Jagermeister shots falls at the feet of drunkenness. All four shots. Oh god my head hurts.

I know I've said it before, but I have to say it again, I love Fitzgerald's! I love the barmen. I love the regulars. I love the random people that come in. And I loved it last night that I never paid for a single drink. I tried to pay for one, and ended up just leaving the barmen a $7 tip.

I took my camera, so I will soon have some pictures of most of the regulars. My only regret is I never managed to get one of Dr Who and his friend Crystal Tips. God that man is boring. Mullet Man Bob was there, Dartman Dave (of course, he likes snogging Nancy), Jonas, even Sodomy Boy turned up, if a little late. The Stoke Boys turned up, which was good, because they haven't been there for a while and I wanted to say goodbye to them. I tried to take an absolute classic picture of them, but unfortunately I had to wait for my flash to warm up, so they refused to pose for me again. They all have a tattoo. The same tattoo. They all have 'SCFC' tattooed on their arse. And I got all three of them lined up with there arses on show for a picture. And the bloody camera wouldn't work. Damn it! I did get a picture of Will's, but one arse is just not as good as three!

I have so much to do today. I need to sort out what is going to England, and what isn't, what I am taking in my suitcases, and what is going to be packed. I am supposed to be going to Little Italy tonight, but I have a feeling that I am not going to make it. This is probably going to be my last entry for a while - I might get chance while I am at my parents, and hopefully I will have internet access at work, but even if I do it is not good to spend the whole of your first day writing and reading blogs!

So, goodbye to everyone (anyone?) who reads this. Or should I say "Au revoir" since I will be back as soon as I can.

*already sitting rocking in her chair at the thought of no internet.....*

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