Saturday, September 20, 2003

Ole Ole Ole Mexifunk

Last happy hour with friends from work tonight. Nancy, Eric, Rajat and me. Met in a bar in Hoboken which has great beer, and happy runs from 4 until 7. Had a few beers there, then as Rich didn't want to travel too far (big puff) we came back to Newport, to visit the new 'Mexifunk' restaurant there. Called 'Ole Ole Ole Mexifunk'. Eric was very distressed when both Nancy and I said we didn't think it was going to be good. In fact, we thought it was going to be downright crap He wanted to know why we wanted to go. He couldn't understand that we expected this place to be so gloriously crap, that it was going to be good.

We were all somewhat disappointed. Eric, because he sort of enjoyed it, and it wasn;t as crap as we expected. Nancy and I, because it wasn't as crap as we expected. It was more tex-mex thank mexican, and we never saw any funk. Rich had refused to meet us there, as he expected it to be crap.

We then went to another bar, which I had eaten in the restaurant bit, but never been to the bar before. Big mistake, not going before. Beer was really cheap. And, for Jersey City, it was pretty full. Mind you, most of the people in there were Brits.

My friend Doug is coming tomorrow to collect some of the electric stuff. He might be taking the computer. If he is, it may be some time before I write again......

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