Thursday, September 18, 2003

Removal Companies

Why are they so bad? I called them 2 weeks ago, they didn't come to look around until Saturday, and promised a quote on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. I called them Monday to say that I needed all the packing done now (American Express finally took their thumb out of their arse), which would increase the quote. I have called them every day since.

I called them this morning - initial quote of $2750. Not including all the packing. And only getting the stuff as far as a port in England. I wanted it door to door. And given that I want them to come on Monday, they are really leaving it to the last minute. I don't even have a flight home booked yet. I am so stressed it is unbelievable!

On a nice note, Christine came around last night, with her sister. Her sister is going out with a guy who now lives in my old apartment (the one with the views). It was a sore point - we moved out because the rent was so high. Him and his friend moved in, after the apartment sat empty for 4 months, at a rent which was about $800 a month less than they offered it to me. Silly people!

Anyway, we got food from this really good restaurant around the corner, then sat and watched Ali G all night. And as a parting gift she gave me her stamps that she has collected. Awwww. And I gave her sister the Ali G video, as it is no good to me in England.

Supposed to be going to Little Italy tonight, but that might have to be rethunk as it is going to piss down. And be 40 mile an hour winds. Not sure I want to go out in that!

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