Sunday, September 14, 2003

Why do I attract the geeks?

Didn't make it to Cap'n Al's, it was raining and we couldn't be bothered. We did go to Virgil's - me, Nancy an Eric - and ate lots of meat. And more meat. And brought the rest of the meat home with us.

Then we went to Fitzies, and met up with Rich. I saw this guy who looked vaguely familiar, but Nancy didn't seem to know who he was. Eventually I made the connection that Holly, my new best friend from the week before had introduced us. On the way back from the loo, I stopped and asked him if he was Holly's friend. He said no. Oh, my mistake, I thought Holly had intriduced us last week. "Oh yeah" he said "she did, but I had never met her before last week either". Very friendly person, Holly. Anyway, we got chatting, and he bought me lots of vodka, always a sign of a good bloke. Nancy is getting along VERY well with Dartman Dave. No sign of the Stoke Boys (I think they have a new Saturday night hangout). I am talking to Brian (Holly's friend who wasn't a friend of Holly) and who should walk in but Dr Who. I half turn away, start talking more intently to Brian, he asks me who I am avoiding. I try and be subtle, because Dr Who is standing right behind me. He is not trying to get a drink. He is waiting for his mate Crystal Tips, who apparently owes him a drink (I overhear him talking to Roger) but he is standing less than 2 feet from me.

"That's Dr Who behind me, and I am trying not to catch his eye", I whisper.

"Who him there" says Brian, turning round and staring.

"Thanks Brian, that's not very subtle is it?"

"I don't do subtlety". Yeah, I noticed.

"Is he your boyfriend?" "No!"

"Do you want him to be your boyfriend?" "NO!"

"Does he want to be your boyfriend?" "Maybe, he talks to me a lot about Dr Who and Star Trek, I think those are his chat up lines."

Meanwhile, I can see Nancy telling Rich and Eric about Dr Who, and pointing out he is hanging over my shoulder just waiting for a break in the conversation so he can pounce. Luckily, Crystal Tips comes in at this point, and they move further up the bar.

I asked Roger if he remembered the 'Crystal Tips and Alistair' kids programme (check it out in the TV links to the side, but described as 'DISTURBO SUBPSYCHEDELIA with cutout heroine and loping dog indulging in silent, animated weirdness in a country cottage while two butterflies look on. Fucking strange, and that's no lie...', also this link gives you some pictures), and when Roger finally realised what I was on about he almost pissed his pants. He didn't need help in knowing just who I was refering to when I said Crystal Tips......

The boys (Eric and Rich) left at about 1 o'clock. Lightweights!

Brian settled his bill at 2, and I said goodbye. "Oh, I'm not going, I am just going outside for a smoke". "But you settled your bill?" "Oh no, I am coming back". "Huh? No you aren't?" "Oh yes I am". Oh no he didn't. LOL. Maybe he doesn't like goodbyes?? Anyway, him leaving left the way open for Dr Who. God that guy is boring. Even Dartman Dave was surprised (a) at how quick he moved in when Brian had left (b) that he was so obvious about waiting for Brian to leave, and (c) how cheap he was because he never buys me a drink!!!

Nancy and I left around 10 to 4. Got very wet in a 30 second downpour on the way to the Path. And NJT need to call in Rentokill. That station is absolutely infested with rats. And they are getting bloody bold - we had to run past one hanging around the barriers who refused to give up his territory. While squealing in a loud way to try and scare it away. Which didn't work.

Went to China Town again today, with Sexy Eric and one of his friends from university. Went for proper Chinese this time too, and Dim Sum to boot. Very nice food, very reasonably [riced, and his friend is nice too. Comments like "I love the English accent" and "English women are sexy" help, lol.

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