Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Nancy called me on Monday night, around 5 o'clock to discuss (ok, adolescent-like giggle about) her night with Army Boy. Then she suggest we go to Pizzeria Uno because she has a craving for their 'pizza skins' - pizza base, filled with mashed potato, topped with cheese and bacon, great hangover food. Then she admits that she hasn't had anything to eat. At all. All day.

Now, Nancy, when I first met her wasn't what I would call overweight (who am I to say that anyway?) but, objectively, she did have a bit of a pot belly. I would say she was maybe a size 12 (14 in America). Well, in January this year, she joined a gym. And made a decision to get fit and lose weight. Good for her. And she did really well. She lost a lot of weight, and was looking really good. But then she never stopped. We went shopping together the other week, and she is buying size 6 skirts. For British people, that is a size 4. That is fucking tiny. And she is starting to look really gaunt - all bones sticking out everywhere. And she is still 'dieting'. She bought a pedometer so she can check how far she walks each day. She wears it all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. Even when we go out to Fitzies, she has on the pedometer, so she can tell me on the way home how far we walked to and from the bar. She doesn't seem to understand that I don't really care. And also, it hasn't changed since the last time she told me. Like last week.

Anyway - Monday. Before she admitted she hadn't eaten anything, she tells me she had been to the supermarket (a mile walk there, a mile walk back), and also spent an hour and a half in the gym. This follows the night of athletic sex (well, I am assuming - I wonder if she got thrown out of bed?) with Army Boy. And she hasn't had anything to eat.

We got to Uno's and she orders the pizza skins. I suggest we order something else too - the pizza skins is an appetiser, and there are two of us, and this is supposed to be dinner. So I also order buffalo chicken quesadilla. She eats less than half of the pizza skins. And none of the quesadilla. Declares she is so full, and has eaten more than enough calories for the day. HELLO???? This is not good.

But what can I do about it? I did mention it to Eric when he came round later Monday night, and he said he had noticed, but that she never usually did eat all her lunch anyway. But he will look out for her.

I am also worried, because I know sometimes she goes out for a drink with people after work. And when she does that she doesn't eat, because the alcohol contains enough calories.

Oh God!!!!

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