Thursday, October 30, 2003

All is not a bed of roses...

...at work. I went to the pub with two of the girls at work, N and J, both of whom are pretty knew to the department - one started the same day as me, the other 2 weeks before, but she came from within the company. Anyway, it seems that I am pretty lucky to be sitting where I am sitting. There is a bank of desks between these two girls populated by a group of boys. And apparently they are constantly making snide comments, and also whispering amongst themselves, often about these two girls. And me I can only assume, only I am never around to witness any of it. It is making both of them extremely uncomfortable, to the point that N has asked if she can move desks.

On my desk situation, I was supposed to be getting hunky Barry sitting opposite me when he starts in a few weeks (BTW, my comment to the boss about him being eye candy has sparked off huge discussions amongst the women as to who is eye candy and who isn't in the office. It makes a change to be this side of a sexism at work conversation!). But yesterday they sat this old man opposite me. He is a contractor, not sure what he is doing, works in another section entirely, they sat him there cos it was empty. In itself, it is not so bad, he isn;t the ye candy I want to be looking at, but what is driving me mad is he mutters. All day, under his breath. I can only assume he is a prgrammer, and he is talking himself through the data/code or something, but it is driving me nuts!

I am trying to sort out a flight to New York to go see my friends there before Christmas. Either the first or second weekend in December is looking good - leaning towards the second because J is going over that weekend too. I am planning to go Wednesday to Monday. She is going Friday and then off down to DC on the Tuesday or Wednesday, so it will be fun to meet up for lunch and take her and her mate sight seeing. And of course a chance for me to show off how cosmopolitan I really am (Oh no, don't go there, that's for tourists dear, better to go here where real New Yorkers go....). And of course take her to Fitzies...........

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