Monday, October 20, 2003

Bargains that aren't really bargains

I am such a sucker for a 'bargain'. But I always end up with either more than I actually want, or something I never even wanted in the first place.

One example of this is make-up. I have an obsession with buying make-up. I like the expensive make-up - no Boots No 7 for me. Because it is so expensive, it is always better to buy it when it is on an offer - usually a bonus time type of thing where you buy 2 items, and you get a free make up bag filled with other make-up and mirrors and brushes and perfume and facce creams and stuff, all sample sizes. However, you always get 2 lipsticks. I have so many makeup bags I could open a shop. I have so much makeup I could open a bloody chemist shop! And I hardly ever wear it - it is just too much faff in the morning - I would rather spend the extra 10 minutes in bed.

However, that was a waffle (I know, just like normal really) as a prelude to today's shopping spree. I need some living room furniture. All of my other furniture is coming over on a ship, but I got rid of my 3 piece suite, so need to buy some nice comfy seats. I was originally planning to buy a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa. But, when I built the desk, it was much bigger than I thought, and I thought I was going to have trouble fitting the 2 and 3 seaters in. So decided to go for a 3 seater and a chair. So tonight I went to Courts. And I have bought a 3 seater. And a chair.

I have also bought a 2 seater. And a footstool. And I have no idea where I am going to put them. Well, not a problem while I have no other furniture, but when the rest turns up.... Still, it was a bargain. �1000 for the lot. Ex-display. And such a nice useful CREAM colour. I think I may live to regret this decision....

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