Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Been a funny sort of day today. Started with a really weird dream - based ont he film '28 days later'. I dreamt that loads of people were infected with something that made them chase after the rest of us. There was a group of us locked in this bar (of course) where we were living, and we only went out occasionally. But one day this really BIG thing found where we were and was breaking down the blockade to come and get us. So we ran out the back door, into this world where everyone was safe, but there wasn't many of us left. So we were all travelling along like refugees with all our wordly goods on the back of lorries. I wonder what that means......

Then I got to work. I have been a good girl so far, getting to work consistently early. So, I was sitting there, doing my work, programming away when this bloke I don't know stopped and asked me if the stationery cupboard was mine. I answered "Well, yeah", because it is my teams stationery cupboard. So he starts asking me where the envelopes were, how many did I have, could he have a plain one not a window one. I just looked at him and answered vaguely "I think the envelopes are on the top shelf there". He digs around, comes up with an envelope, asks me if it is big enough to hold a cheque, did I have any bigger ones. Huh? Did he not get the hint that I am not the secretary who orders the stationery and am responsible for the cupboard> It really makes me mad when men think because I am a woman I am the secretary and have nothing better to do with my time than sort out his fucking envelope problems.

On that note it has happened to me lots of time when I was married. As I had more holidays than the X, it was usually me who took a day off work whenever work needed doing on the house. And of course the people who come round are ALWAYS men. I have lost count the number of times I have had to hold back from strangling the stupid pillocks who always ask where your husband works, what he does, oh he's a computer programmer, the big bread winner then? Actually, you stupid fucking turd I am also a fucking programmer, and I earn more than he does!!!! Now fuck off and die!

And okay, I know I have been out of the country, but I had forgotten just how BAD the boy bands over here can be. What a travesty the Westlife cover of 'Mandy' is. Now, much as I am a bit of a rocker, liking my hairy men with tattoos, I am a bit of a closet Barry Manilow fan. Gotta love those good ole sing-along songs like Copa Cabana ('Her name was Lola, She was a showgirl....' and on the way to work I hear this god-awful choir boy version. What is the music world coming to!

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