Friday, October 17, 2003


My hair is currently four colours, and I am not happy! When I went back to blonde before I left New York, the front didn't quite go the same blonde as the rest of it. Where it had been red, it didn't go as white as the rest of it - more a sort of brassy colour. Well, now it is growing back. and I am shocked at just how grey I have gone. I always had a white bit at the front - Dickie Davis style - but that was mainly it, with just a few here and there, and none at all at the back. Well, now my temples are really, really grey. It is awful! Shows just how much stress I was under during the move.

On a good note, on Wednesday of this week I moved away from the 'plastering it flat to my head good girl' hairstyle that I had been doing for work, and dug out the gel. Loads of people came up and said how much better it looked spiked up. I guess when you have hair as short as mine, and it is bleached blonde the 'corporate' look just doesn't wash!

On an alcoholic note, I notice I was first to comment on the drink culture of us Brits, ahead of the report out today saying how us British women drink so much. Mind you, that report was about young women......

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