Monday, October 27, 2003

Jet lag

Is it just me, or does this hour change bugger anyone else about? It is just one hour. Not huge. Shouldn't really make any difference at all. Yet today I have been absolutely knackered. I got up a little later than usual, and just could not get my arse in gear. Normally I get to work around 8 o'clock. Today it was nearer to half past. Still early, but even when I was there I was tired. I left early - well, 10 minutes early, just to come home and do nothing. I made some very healthy leek and potato soup last night, for me to just come in and heat up tonight, a nice, healthy, warming and filling meal. So I don't have to feel the need to eat anything else. Like that nice, fattening, bloody yummy curry which I can literally hear calling me from the Indian up the road. I blame Raman at work. He brought in some barfi today. Oh god I love barfi. I had two huge pieces. One pistachio, one peanut (I think). And that was partly why I left early, the barfi was also SCREAMING across the office for me to go and eat it, and it seemed the best way to ignore it. I hope he takes it home with him so it isn't there tomorrow.

Anyway, I am home. And tired. Oh so tired. And I really don't know why. Okay, probably not having slept in a bed for weeks is helping, but you think by now my body would be getting used to it. I am afraid to sit in my new comfy sofa because I know I will doze off, and then end up not sleeping properly tonight, and so perpetuate the tiredness.

How cool is this? I bought some videos yesterday, to play in my new VCR. Charlie's Angels. Not the namby pamby films of recent years. Oh no. The SUPER namby pamby television shows of yesteryear. With Farrah Fawcett-Majors. So super original ones. Two of them. For a fiver.Bargain! Haven't watched them yet (see above re sitting in a comfy seat).

And I have only been back in the country a month, and already I am hooked on Eastenders and Coronation Street. To be fair, I was still watching Eastenders sometimes when I was over there, because BBC America used to show an omnibus every Saturday afternoon. And if I wasn't shopping with Sexy Eric, I'd be doing my ironing in front of the box. It probably helps that Dirty Den is back - although it is starting to get on my nerves a bit now the novelty has worn off. Corrie, no surprise, is still as superb as ever. It has me howling in fits of laughter sometimes, and other times it can literally bring me to tears. Yes it has its crappy actors (Dev) and it's stupid storylines (Martin and the child), but on the whole, I think it is pretty good.

And before you all shoot me down, remember, I have been in America for two years.........

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