Thursday, October 16, 2003

Lunchtime drinking

One of the things I missed while in America was having a beer at lunch time. It was so nice today when the whole department went to the pub for lunch. Mind you, I was driving and on the diet coke, but that's not the point. Other people were drinking. If I had ever had even one drink of a lunch time and gone back to work, I'd have been sacked on the spot. The drink culture here is so different - probably not better, but probably not worse either. I found a lot of people had the attitude of either you didn't drink at all, or you were an alcoholic. There wasn't really an in between. Where as here it is perfectly acceptable to drink a lot on a regular basis. A lot of people also just drink to get drunk - no couple of social drinks, they either drinkt o get hammered, or stay on the soft drinks.

Mind you, it never stopped me from drinking when I was there. I just found the like minded people and hung out with them :-)

I am going out on Saturday night - my first night out here in Northampton. I am still a bit of a Billy No-Mates, but then I have only been here three weeks, so can't expect to be everyones best friend straight away. It is supposed to be a fancy dress party - vicars and tarts - but I am not getting dressed up. Like I told a friend - who wants to go as a vicar? And going as a tart wouldn't put me out of character................. I am a little worried because I think I might be the oldest there by several years. Still, if I end up feeling like a grandma, I will just leave. There is talk of going on to a club too, which fills me with some trepidation. Small town clubs are often filled with small town people. Still, have to try these things don't you?

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