Saturday, October 25, 2003

Oh happy joy

I had forgotten how bad British TV could be. It is so bad it is fantastic! In America, the telly was generally pretty crap, but in a crappy way. Radio tended to be better - there was much more choice of types of radio stations to listen - where in Britain can I listen to a purely rock station like K-Rock? But then, only in Britain can I watch Kerrang TV. Only I haven't got that far yet. I am stuck. On VH1. The world's worst videos. Oh god, it is fantastic. Tight Fit, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The Flying Pickets, Only You. Baltimora, Tarzon Boy. The Goom-Bay Dance Band, Seven Tears. And we are still counting down - we are at a bout number 15. I can only imagine how much worse it gets. And I can't switch it off.

And all thanks to the Sky man. He was due to come tomorrow. He rang me earlier today while I was out, to confirm him coming tomorrow. Then he rang me again - apparently he had rescheduled all of tomorrows installations apart from mine, and asked if he could come round right now. Hell yeah! Only now I have too many channels to choose from. And I am amazed at how many shopping channels there are now - more than film channels I would have said. And no, I haven't checked any of them out. Yet.

I also bought a VCR today. Only I don't have any videos to check if it works. Or any blank ones to try and record anything. Does that really make me a dumbass?? I suppose it does....

And I am all blonde, and nice and short. Much as I loved Steven doing my hair, he was oh so entertaining, at the end of the day he was pretty crap at cutting hair. The woman who cut it today was a little boring, but she did a bloody good job! And it was cheaper than I was expecting too, so even better. And the good girl that I am, I went and bought a TV licence today too. It came to me in the week that I didn't have one. Mind you, if I had waited another week I would have got an extra month - they backdate it to the start of the month. Oh well, I suppose I have had a telly for the month, and been watching it illegally, so can't really complain.

Oh, and I forgot about my new best friend Dan. When we were out on Tuesday, we got into the 'age' discussion. Brought on by Dan talking about something that happened to him when he was young. Almost made me choke on my kebab. He is a mere babe - he is only 24. Then Scott asked me how old I was, and told me off when I tried to pull the "You never ask a lady her age" by saying I had brought it up. Dan, bless him, guessed I was 31. I love him. Scott guessed spot on at 36. I don't like him much. Then we moved on to Scott, and Dan almost died when I said "your hard to guess because you are bald". Apparently I am not supposed to comment on a mans lack of hair. Scott laughed, and pointing at his head said "Bald man, shaved head, definitley not in denial". Good job eh? Cos I am known for calling a spade a spade. And a bald bloke bald!

Oh my god! How can Rene and Renata, Save Your Love not be number one? It is only number 12?

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