Friday, October 24, 2003

Oh lucky me!

I have furniture! Well, some furniture. My living room furniture was delivered this morning, and it is fabulous. It is so comfortable - especially compared to the plastic garden chairs I have been sitting on for the last 4 weeks. And also I had some wine delivered. Twelve bottles of wine - 6 white, 6 red - and a bottle of champagne. Courtesy of Virgin wines. Well, I had to pay for it, but I did get �20 off, so it was a bit of a bargain.

And to top off my morning, I had a massage! Work have started doing this health thing where someone comes in every two weeks to give a chair massage - 20 minutes for �12. Money well spent I reckon. I used to have them when I was at Amex, but that was by a bloke. I much prefer a bloke doing it - women are just a bit too gentle. I like a bit of rough (in massages!!!).

Getting my hair done tomorrow - that is going to be weird, and definitely not as entertaining as Steven used to be. I just walked in to this place off the street, so I hope it turns out ok. At least my hair will be back to all one colour instead of four.

Ok, off to crack open a bottle of wine!

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