Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Old faces....

Pleasant surprise today at work. They are interviewing for several positions in my department - that in itself is a pleasant surprise, to work in a place which believes in having enough people to do the work - and today they interviewed someone I used to work with about 5 years ago. I think they are going to offer him a job - and quite possibly alongside me in my section. A replacement for Sexy Eric I feel (I am sooooo fickle!).

If nothing else, it will mean someone to talk to. When I started there two weeks ago, they put all the newbies together. There were two others who started the same day as me, a guy who had been there 2 weeks, a girl who had been with the company for 5 years but only that department 2 weeks and another girls who had been there 3 weeks. Over the weekend, we had an office move. All of my department are in one part of the office, but there was one person too many for the plan. Currently, I am the only person in the section. Therefore, the logical choice was to move me to a desk not in the main section. I have no-one opposite me. There is a really annoying guy diagonally from me (more about him in a mo). And to be fair, a nice guy next to me, but not in my department, and we have no work in common. So, to have someone else working with me will be nice. Especially such eye candy as Barry!!

The annoying guy - I think he has been on holiday, because I didn't see him until Monday, when he introduced himself. Because my pc still wasn't back early Monday, I was sat at someone elses desk working, when everyone could here this really annoying mobile phone. Someone was going through every single ring tone on his phone. At top volume. Yes, you guessed it, it was him. Tuesday, when my pc was finally returned, and my network cables found, I had a pleasant surprise. Annie, the girl I have been working with was sitting opposite me because her pc wasn't working (see a common theme here with the IT department?). Now, Annie is Asian. This annoying guy, out of the blue, turns to her and asks "So, do you cook Chinese food all the time at home then?" Annie was gobsmacked - as was I. She replied 'No, not really, I do sometimes, but not very often". "So, what food do you eat?" he asked in an incredulous tone. I just wanted to curl up and die. How obnoxious is that??

On a different note entirely. My knickers. I have some lacey knickers, and as we all know (well, girls do anyway) the lycra in lace doesn't really last that long. Some of them are not very stretchy, and so do not stay where they are supposed to. I need to throw them away. Now, do I wash them before I throw them? I wore them yesterday, and have decided that is the last time (the holes helped the decision process), but I am loath to throw them unwashed. But part of me thinks why bother when I am just chucking them anyway? I suppose I will wash them - it hardly adds great bulk to the wash - but it does seem a stupid waste of time really.

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