Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Whoo hoo - a social life!
Well, the start of one anyway. Yesterday was our work 'awayday' when we went to a hotel in the centre of town for lots of presentations. Now, I have been to several of these over the years - some good, most bad. Yesterday's was actually not that bad. Not too many speakers, the ones who were there were actually good at speaking, but they also knew what they were talking about. We were all assigned tables, so you had to sit with people you didn't know, so it was also nice to meet other people from other departments. The last presentation was from the big boss, and he had organised us some champagne for being good people, and we could toast ourselves. A bit obvious, but still, a nice touch.

An even nicer touch was the open bar afterwards! There was �500 behind the bar, which we just drank until it had gone. And they had some cider, which I was very happy to be drinking after so long in America with only the shitty sweet stuff. It was fun because a lot of people from my section were among the last to leave. One guy, Steve, asked what it said about the section? I replied "It says I made the right choice to come and work with all of you". Right answer I think! Among those who stayed was the girl whose party I didn't go to on Saturday. She was very sweet in making sure I knew where we were all going afterwards, but I was not being left behind again! It was fun because I am often the only cider drinker - I get the "Cider is for kids, to drink in the park and puke". But Steve and Dan were also on the cider, and we formed an "I am proud to drink cider" alliance.

When the money ran out, we all decided to go to another bar and carry on drinking. Dan, a good old Manchester boy, decided he couldn't carry on drinking, and needed his tea. Someone mentioned kebab. Oh god - it is years since I had a really bad donner. So, Dan, Steve, Scott and me go to this kebab house on the recommendation of Scott who appears to be eating his way around Northampton (he has been here 2 weeks longer than me or Dan). Well, I am sad to say the kebab was nice. It was a real classy joint too - I mean, have you ever been to a kebab house where it is served on a plate (a REAL plate) and you eat it with a nice and fork? Before the food came, I realised I needed to pee. Three pints of cider does that to me. And it wasn't that classy a joint that it had a toilet. By the time we left I was DESPERATE - the boys were killing themselves laughing, but I had to go into McDonalds because I couldn't walk another 100 yards to the pub! Aaahh, nights out in England!

Had more beer in the pub, and got to see work colleagues in a very different light. Tried to con Dan and Steve into walking me home, tried to convince them it was on their way, but glad they refused. I left at 10 - I know, I am a lightweight, but it was a school night - but they stayed until midnight. And Scott was out with the Kirby guys until 2. I had a headache this morning, but boy did they look rough.

Weird note - Steve has lived in Northampton for a year. Well, a small village just outside. And last night was only his second night out in Northampton. I think he must live in a bubble - however, he was very proud of the patio he laid at the weekend.....

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